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  1. Hi guys, As you may have guessed im not an r8 owner, im currently the proud owner of a 2007 S3, which i have been undergoing a 2010 facelift on. | I got my facelift wheels done in a unique colour; and require centres from an r8 that look like this; to blend with the new car, so my question is does anyone have a set that they would be willing to part with (for a little cash of obviously) before i shell out to audi Thanks Guys
  2. Parrot BT kit in A3

    not entirely sure, if youve got a concert 2 you can actually retrofit audi bluetooth to it i belive, check out kufatec and drop them an email for advice im sure they could make something up for you
  3. 09 rear lights on 56 plate

    plug and play though i think the sportback needs some fixtures, couldn't be 100% on that though try the guys over on vag oc - The Volkswagen Audi Group Owner's Club theres a few of em with that conversion. and thanks for the compliments the difference is subtle but id do it again
  4. 09 rear lights on 56 plate

    depends which set you mean, if its the led ones then no if its the plain yeah ive got them fitted to my 53 plate from: to:
  5. New RS4 Alloys

    unlikely due to the mk5 fezzie van in the back, not likeing the centres of your wheels, the red outsides aint for me tbh
  6. Some help on which A3 options to choose?

    stab in the dark at the high beam assist but it may shut off your high beam through the day (if you have it on by accident), as the new a3's have the click on off system rather than a positional based one. id imagine it would still let you flash. ive no idea if this is right or not as ive never heard of the pack
  7. Can I adjust engine idle speed with full vagcom?

    vag com will do it with the correct login, however the value will be reset once you come out of vagcom, alas there is light at teh end of the tunnel revotechnik have made a free program that you can use to increase idling speed decrease speed limiting and so forth that sets the value perminantly, its called lemmiwinks. but first you should clean your throttle body out and perform a reset
  8. the grills can be tight to get out but they aint that bad
  9. the grille surrounds are removable, so in theory you could attach a chrome surround if you wanted this is true of all the single grilles though i dont know of the facelifts
  10. wouldnt have thought so, perhaps like a day of prepwork before it gets sprayed, i think the end result would be worth it
  11. i considered geting the abt kit and cutting the centre section out of my bumper, then going on to fit the abt kit flush and plastic weld it in form the rear, using the old centre as a strengthener would look the tits, as the grill is 2 inches wider on the pre facelift, giving it a far more aggressive look, it would also be something no-one has done yet
  12. spoke to abt direct they dont make it anymore, however suppliers may still have stock
  13. A3 Electrical Problems

    possibly a blown fuse, try and get someone with vagcom to have a look, its usually pretty good with electrical faults
  14. Audi a3/s3 replica for sale

    is this the 8l or 8p chassis, also pics milage and so forth, if youre looking to get someone to buy it good luck with the sale
  15. A3 wip

    right ive been asked this loads for those looking for a quick grille conversion that doesnt look as good you can buy a part for the conversion made by tuning company abt, however these arent made before and are scarce, you cannot just fit a new bumper as the grills on a facelift a3 are 2 inches shorter therefore leaves a gap either side, the facelift bonnet will cover this though, you dont need any fixtures for the bonnet as you can remove them from your old bonnet. all in all depending on paint / parts deals youre talking 500 pounds or more for the conversion, imo its well worth it, failing that go for the abt grille youll be able to get one off someone eventually