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  1. Anyone with Auto- lights -On?

    Ok- I went to my local stealer to get a quote on this complete light console( hoping that it would be 40-60 quid) wait for it....£163.41 plus VAT!!!!!!!!!!! I think i will just use my fingers to turn the lights on! But they seemed to agree that this would work- however they did have a light console face plate(£115 plus VAT)- and this complete unit behind it- sold seperately so is it worth it..? not new anyway- will have to look at some dismantlers or something...
  2. Any 330d owners here?

    Rain/driving-light sensor (RLS) As in the E65, a rain/driving-light sensor (RLS) will be introduced in the E46/E39 for 09/01 as special equipment, SE 521. The driving lights are turned on and off automatically with the RLS depending on the prevailing light conditions around the vehicle. Two additional optical sensors have been integrated in the housing of Automatic Interval Control (AIC) for the RLS. In addition to the unaltered control of the wiper intervals by AIC, the two new sensors have the following functions: - A surrounding-light sensor records the luminous intensity in a wide angle of coverage above the vehicle. - A frontal-light sensor records the luminous intensity in a narrow angle in front of the vehicle. An internal processor calculates from the measured data of the sensors whether a switch-on condition is present or not. E46 Facelift/Model Year 2002 The following switch-on conditions are monitored: - Dawn/dusk - Darkness - Driving into an underground car park - Driving through a tunnel - Precipitation such as rain or snow Note: When the wiper switch is in the intermittent position, the switch-on condition is detected from a defined windscreenwiper frequency (cars are delivered with 15 wiping cycles per minute coded). The switch-on condition is permanently satisfied when the wiper switch is in position I or II. When one of the above-mentioned switch-on conditions is satisfied, the RLS in the E46 transmits the information via the K bus to the central light switch (LSZ). In order for the vehicle lighting to be controlled automatically, the RLS must be set to standby by a separate position of the light switch on the LSZ. So hopefully this means that all you need is a new switch, and possibly a reprogramme.If you can pick up a switch cheap fit it, if it doesnt work and your car is still in warranty - go to a dealership and say it's stopped working!They may just reprogramme it !! Just depends how cheeky you feel, or how switched on the dealership is - i cant imagine they would check the spec!! Hope this helps
  3. Scratch X vs Quik Clay

    ok...so one claybar and detailer is enuf to do the entire car?
  4. Anyone with Auto- lights -On?

    Thanks for responding....OK I have a little challenge for you guys...tell me where the light sensor is on your cars to activate this feature...also tell me if you have headlamp wash/and or rain sensor. I have a rain sensor on mine, but no lights on feature. looking closer from the outside of the winscreen you can see a small hole in which there is a light sensor...whats it for? cant be for dim mirror cuz that has a sensor on the front and back of it...im confuzed... Im thinking if you change the switch console to one which has the position marker to activate the the auto lights on, and assuming the light sensor on the windsrcreen is what activates it then it should work..? right? Or have i been watching too much McGyver?
  5. Scratch X vs Quik Clay

    When I say contamination, I guess it's just pollution from cars, trucks, road grit, tar spots etc...I wash the car regular using only Meguiars products, but when I wax there still seems to be light specs of stuff which is still stuck to the car, I just apply more pressure and it seems to go away. Thus my enquiry regarding scratchX- i know it removes swirls etc ( all cars have swirls) and this helps, so why do i need a claybar? ( or does this remove swirls too?) Incidently what does the bodyscrub wash product do?
  6. Scratch X vs Quik Clay

    Surely they both make the paint smooth and flat like glass...so the end result is similar if not the same...has anyone done a test on this..? It would be good to know the results, and I'm sure the othe forum members would like to know too!!!- I think Bushy needs to get me some samples..!!!
  7. Anyone with Auto- lights -On?

    Anyone here with the auto lights on feature on their E46 cars?
  8. Scratch X vs Quik Clay

    Which of these is easier to use and what results are acheived from each one. I only have light contamination on surface of roof bonnet and boot lid. whats your opinons?
  9. To squeegy or not to squeegy..

    I tend to use the blade on the roof, bonnet and boot only, just to get off the water on large flat areas, the sides tend to have very little water on if you use the meguiars wash product- so i just blot with a bath towel, try not to rubb too much as you will get some if not even light swirls.
  10. Any 330d owners here?

    Your possibly correct, althought the mirror on the rear has a slot for this , cover it up with your finger and shine your torch in it, it will darken - so what is this light sensor for.. on the rain sensor module? we really need to find out from someone who has auto lights on i guess..!
  11. shammy leather

    and NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER wash your car in direct sunlight, this is why you get streaks, the excess water drys up to quickly, and if you live in a hard water area this is the minerals on your paintwork that is left behind. Wash in the early morning or late afternoon- everything becomes easier to do- washing drying, waxing etc...try it.
  12. POLL.......330d sport or 330ci sport.

    THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE NO BRAINER---DIESEL!!! BTW- you will probably only lose around 700 quid in depreciation per year- with average miles....save some money now and get something even better in a couple of years time- (diesel of course) think about it how often do you actually use the 0-60 dash usefully..? Do you like paying high priced petrol? and ofcourse insurance- you getting fleeced by the insurance companies. Debadge it if it really concerns you- most people will think its a 330 anyway- have you listened to one recently in motion..?
  13. IPAQ 3970

    Bushy do me a favor list out all the bits you have with it- eg memory card, case, cradle, cable etc thanks- im interested
  14. Wanted to know if anyone had done this yet, stock speakers is very poor, I would like to ugrade to some better quality ones- recommendations welcome- i think they are 5.25" with 2.75" max magnet depth...
  15. Any 330d owners here?

    I just wanted to know if your rain sensor has a small hole in which there is a light sensor, you probably have...I was thinking that this might be the autolights on sensor, but as you said you don't have the feature or selection point on your light console on your dash- i was thinking if you could just buy the new switch and swap the console you would have auto ligts on..?? I guess i really need to know if this thing is a light sensor or not, if not then where would it be on the cars that do have it...BTW I have the wash system on the headlamps-but not sure if they are part of the options list or standard...