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  1. VAGCOM for sale on eBay

    VAGCOM now sold
  2. VAGCOM for sale on eBay

    Selling my VAGCOM as i no longer have my S8. It has only been used once and is in as new condition. Link to eBay listing below ROSS-TECH VCDS VAGCOM RELEASE 805 USED ONCE on eBay (end time 27-Nov-10 12:28:44 GMT)
  3. Cheap S8.!. Low miles too.!.

    Ah...CAT D... Thats why then
  4. Cheap S8.!. Low miles too.!.

    Just spotted this on pistonheads.. Seems cheap with those miles. If this is what they are selling for i'm glad mine went for £7k two months ago C S CAR SALES 0151 609 0029 : AUDI S8 S8 QUATTRO AUTO TIP
  5. Old VeeDub in Huddersfield

    Spotted this old VW in Huddersfield B+Q today. Lovely motor but what is it?
  6. Ferrari California and a very nice VW

    Spotted yesterday in Brighouse a Ferrari California but what caught my eye most parked next to it was a Passat CC in black, Lowered with black Bentley rims.. Very nice indeed Sadly no photo

    Hi all, Having now sold my S8 i've put my BBS LM's up for sale on eBay and Pistonheads They are 19x9.5 and look awesome on any Audi, VW, Seat Skoda etc Link to eBay listing below GENUINE BBS LM 19X9.5 5X112 AUDI VW MERCEDES SEAT SKODA on eBay (end time 06-Oct-10 14:09:03 BST)
  8. 02 S8 77k FOR SALE

    2002 AUDI S8 4.2 QUATTRO AUTO GREY on eBay (end time 30-Aug-10 15:34:29 BST)
  9. I've found you an engine Amar Parts & Accessories : Modified Audi RS4 V8 Engine For Sale Probably more then your wanting to spend! Has yours gone pop? I haven't been on for a while so a bit out of touch mate
  10. SINGH'S S8 in audi driver mag

    No mate, Don't have a scanner at the moment, but, the best things come to those who wait
  11. SINGH'S S8 in audi driver mag

    Spotted singh's S8 on P.47 of this months audi Driver Mag whilst at MRC with Audisrs. Looking Good
  12. D2 S8 Milltek Video

    Milltek = best develpoed exhaust for the car. not heard anything of the supersprint or seen it, might be a good system. I know a few 8 owners have a 4 exit system, Nice if you want that look. I wanted OEM with a bit more bark and got it. I'll be posting another vid soon vith more drive-by's..That sounded good. I bet it sounds awesome at 120mph...on a private road of course
  13. D2 S8 Milltek Video

    Hi all, As requested by SINGH, A little vid of my D2 S8 with Milltek cat-back exhaust and K+N filter. The sound doesn't really do it justice but its the best i could do on my digital camera after melting a GoPro camera with exhaust fumes
  14. Post a pic of your car

    Nice one Russ, Loving the Volvo, cool plate too
  15. Need new cats- optiona

    What model do you have? I have a pair of never used genuine Audi Cats for a D3 3.7 or 4.2 Link and part numbers here Parts & Accessories : 2X GENUINE AUDI QUATTRO A8 3.7 4.2 D3 CATALYTIC CO