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  1. 1994 A8 4.2 for sale : accident damaged - for spares

    *** NOW SOLD*** Was not able to edit my original post with this change to the heading. Sorry if I mislead talking about value. The £270 to which I referred was a residual scrap value that the Third party's insurer deducted from a higher valuation figure. I have now sold the car to Twigworth Breakers at Gloucester, so if you need any D2 spares, get in touch with them. Thanks for all your messages. Chris
  2. 1994 A8 4.2 for sale : accident damaged - for spares

    Fortunately, I already have a 2007 A8L to fall back on. Lucky for the dimwit BMW driver, he did not write that one off. A8 Spares: Past experience tells me they only offer the bare minimum. Chris
  3. My much cherrished A8 was written off by a BMW 320 skidding on snow, and coming at me broadside. Mostly body damage to front offside quarter, it does include driver's door, which is not immediately apparent from the photo. Damage also to headlamp mounting, undertray, front wheel and steering linkage. The car is not roadworthy, but will drive itself onto trailer or truck. Ming blue with light grey interior, it was just coming up to 104k miles. Apart from consumables, it had only needed a fuel pump and wiper linkage arm in all the years since purchase in March 1997. Still very smart and reliable, I had considered keeping it for years to come...... Seeking best offer over the third party insurer's meagre value of £270. Must be worth more than that for the aluminium alone. Location: Stroud, Gloucestershire. Contact: Chris 01242 500279 or 07879 898865
  4. A8 D2 wiper motor for sale

    Just had to replace broken wiper linkage on my '94 D2 with a complete motor and linkage unit. That leaves my motor spare. Part number 4D2 955 113 Will fit A8 '94 to '99 for sure. May fit some later models - check part number. Offering it here first, before fleabay. £20 plus post (at cost) or collection from Stroud, Glos. PM me, or email cbr1100chris@yahoo.com or call 07879 898865 A8Chris
  5. Ac blower motor tricks

    It's the blower motor sticking. There is an excellent pictoral write up here: audipages Fresh Air Blower Replacement I had same trouble with my 94 A8. Followed the above instructions so far, but even with offset screwdrivers, I could not get the motor cover off. My solution- Spayed good amount of ACF-50 through the plastic blades. Also drilled small hole in the central plastic cover over motor, and sprayed more ACF in there. Turned the plastic fins by hand until motor spun freely. No problems since. Hope this does the trick for you. Chris
  6. Changing from 19" wheels to 17"

    Thanks for that Xila. I actually have 9 wheels for my wagon! 4 x 17" plus 5 x 19" :D. As I said earlier, the dealer couldn't fit the 17s, but they did send them with the car. We've had heavy snow here, so I haven't messed about jacking the car up this weekend, although I did try one 17 on the front, and it just fitted over the brake calliper with about 3mm to spare. If I do adopt the 17s, the then spare 19s could make a good bargaining tool to get the advertized but missing Xenons out of the dealer. Chris
  7. Changing from 19" wheels to 17"

    Thanks for that CBA. Tried one of the 17s on the front, and it just fitted over the brake calliper, with about 3mm to spare. I cannot see from the decoded options list that there is a special calliper to go with the 19s, so I assume the brakes are the same for all wheels. If anyone has the new model A8 with 17s, perhaps you would kindly check the calliper-inside wheel gap and report back. Will fit all four 17s soon, and take it for a spin to test any improvement in ride. Chris
  8. Changing from 19" wheels to 17"

    Exactly! I knew these were the standard spec wheels, so I don't see why Audi are making a fuss. Would still like to know about the recalibration above, if anyone has the answer. Chris
  9. Changing from 19" wheels to 17"

    Hi Guys, I know from bike forums that it's bad etiquette to post a question without first introducing yourself in the newbie's forum. I could not see one, but if someone points me in the right direction, I will happily oblige. Have just taken delivery of an 07 A8 3.0TDI SE LWB. It came with 19" rims and 255/40 tyres. Unlike most of you I suspect, I have a strong dislike of low profile tyres, for their poor ride quality and lack of steering feedback. I asked the Audi garage selling the car to source some 17" wheels and tyres, which they have done. But at the last minute, they said they could not legally fit them, as it would amount to a modification in terms of the warranty and insurance. My questions here, aimed at those with technical knowledge, and perhaps working in a VW/Audi garage are: 1. Can the 17" rims be physically swapped? I have measured the distance between edge of the brake calliper and inside of wheel, and there would be about 1/2 inch clear (c.f. an inch with the existing 19" rims ). Also with the aid of an online wheel/tyre comparison calculator, the 235/55 R17s are only marginally larger, with a difference of only 0.54% (3.7mm diametre) 2. Assuming the answer above is Yes, do the onboard computer systems need reprogramming with the new wheel info? If yes, would it be safe to travel 10 miles to the nearest Audi dealer on the new 17s to do this? 3. Any other considerations, re ride height, adaptive suspension etc.? I did address these questions to Audi UK, but their response was that they could not possibly recommend a change to the original specification! Thanks, Chris