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  1. Prospective buyer - Q re TV & DAB

    I had the DAB tuner and to be honest it wasn't worth it, half the stations were nearly always greyed out and some stations sounded worse on DAB.
  2. Q7 Not Starting Correctly

    My old one occasionally took 10 seconds to fire up (3.0TDi) with a huge cloud of smoke out the exhaust
  3. Has anyone tried these bulbs? 501 T10 W5W Canbus safe error free LED on eBay (end time 17-Nov-09 22:24:22 GMT)
  4. Clutch problems, anyone else?

    By the way does anyone know how to change the car under avatar, somehow I've gained an S3.
  5. Been 3 years since last post but see its busy as ever, looking for any advice? My old 2005 A4 cab has now done 45K miles and needs another clutch (well more so dual mass fly wheel again). I had to have it changed at 18K miles before. Is this normal, maybe a quattro thing? Anyone else get through these like this?
  6. a4 cab

    The grills are the standard chrome/granite S4 cab ones, make sure you don't get saloon ones. You've missed the boat with the mirrors, gave some to Chav & Nordberg, only have my grey ones left now, sorry. You'll find them on ebay though no probs
  7. Glovebox Broken

    maybe glue it and tell him what you've done if you want a clear conscience. Things is it will be second hand to him and things like that often are broken. I would just try and glue it and see how that goes.
  8. a4 cab

    [ QUOTE ] i like what u have done thats what i want 2 do, the grills the edge spoiler . how much have you spent on the grills s4 crome wing mirrors and edge spoiler. front valance ??? whats that . what s4 trim ??? mines a 1.8T do u think i should put an induction kit on or save the money on other mods ? [/ QUOTE ] Top grill was about £50 Lower grill about £20 Mirrors are OEM so about £250 but there are cheaper chrome/matt ones about £80 forgot I had 4 sets of mirror covers at one point The rear valance is charactere and cost £500 inc paint but not fitted. The front valance (the side bits) abt was about £400 painted and fitted By S4 trim I mean the grills and mirrors... Think you should save your money on an induction kit, many dispute any performance improvement. I personally would rather have the cosmetic changes, although my favourite mod is the Miltek. Maybe start by just changing the grills from vagparts, not too much money and they make the biggest difference to look at
  9. a4 cab

    Cheers Mac Hood's black, not a fan of other colours just my opinion though
  10. a4 cab

    I know what you mean, I don't want to add up what I've spent since delivery; 3 more sets of alloys, Miltek, S4-trim, alu-trim, front valance, rear valance, lowered.. But I like the fact mine looks a little different from the norm. Go on - you know you want to
  11. a4 cab

    Mine was about £400 painted and fitted by Awesome, never seen the front spoiler on ebay, only the rear which went cheap. Not many ABT stockists in the UK and overseas suppliers never returned my emails. I think it's worth it, well I guess I would
  12. A4 1.8T Sport Cab for sale.

    Nearly died last week, filled her up and got 385 on the DIS That's the highest it's ever been, usually 280! MPG seems to be getting better now the miles are going up
  13. upgrade performance help!!

    Cheers BUB Are induction kits really noisy and a bit chavy? Would I look/sound a bit sad with one?
  14. New cab in the UK already.......

    [ QUOTE ] on one of my work from home days [/ QUOTE ] You can get so much more done working from home - honest Go for it SCM, should only take the garage a couple of days to prep it, no harm in asking
  15. New cab in the UK already.......

    Nice one SCM, counting down by the hour yet