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  1. Fords answer!

    I test drove 2 of these on my quest for a TDI They're actually a pretty good car except in the power department. Handling on them is superb and it would leave an Audi/VW for dead. It unfortunately seems to have absolutely no torque and consequently feels nothing more than your standard repmobile
  2. Golf 130/150 differences ?

    I didn't actually like the leather in the 150TDI we test drove ! You have PM though
  3. Golf 130/150 differences ?

    Climate control ? 3 year warranty ? 6CD changer ? Unblemished ? Price ?
  4. Golf 130/150 differences ?

    Audi had their chance, they blew it
  5. Golf 130/150 differences ?

    Cheers ! 150 it is, just shopping around to get a good deal on a new one now.. dealer wouldn't move but drivethedeal and carhound was coming back with prices like £15,989 ! Fatcat: I was going to get a A3 TDI Quattro Sport but have given up with the dealer, they just don't seem interested in getting me a car to try so their loss
  6. Golf 130/150 differences ?

    Test drove a 130 and 150 TDI back to back last night from my local VW dealer. Now apart from the spec differences what are the engine differences between the two as they were totally different cars to drive. The 130 seemed to have a small power band and would run out of steam at around 3600 whereas the 150 felt more like a petrol car and would rev easily from 1500rpm all the way into the red if you weren't looking and still seemed to be pulling. Would a REVOesque remap spoil the perfect mapping that the 150 seems to have or does it retain the power delivery characteristics and enhance them ? Also I noticed in the brochure that the 150 weighs around 150kg more than the 130 where does this extra weight come from ?