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  1. DSG or Manual.

    Thanks for the replies. I would love to test drive the cars but I've always found car showrooms quite intimidating places and just never felt comfortable. I'm not difficult to please and there are so many positive reviews about the mark 5, dsg and manual, I think seeing as Im in my 30's now that the dsg will suit me just fine haha, I hope !
  2. DSG or Manual.

    Yeah, sorry if its been covered before. Test driving isn't really an option for me living out in the sticks and the short notice nature of my work hence trying to use other people's experience to help me make a decision. It does sound like DSG is the way I will go. Thanks
  3. DSG or Manual.

    I'm still undecided on whether to buy a car with the DSG box or just stick with the manual. I love the idea of the DSG, but it it any fun ? How reliable are they ? I guess very expensive to fix out of warranty. I also think that they would be more desirable than a manual car in a few years time for selling on purposes. Any thoughts ?
  4. What can I expect ?

    Yes, I longed for an oak green 16v as a teenager and enjoyed every minute of ownership when I finally got one and I guess I would like to own a car like that again that is as involving, guess I'll have to live without the chuckability haha.
  5. What can I expect ?

    Hi, the one and only golf I ever had was an oak green mark 2 16v, best car I've ever had, admittedly I've not had the pleasure of driving lots of different cars, I will be buying a mark 5 gti soon, for all you devotees out there, how far has the golf come since the mark 2 ? Cheers
  6. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    Hi, just signed up and I'm looking forward all things Gti, a purchase is on the cards as soon as the right one appears, preferably laser blue, dsg, leather etc etc and at the right price, failing that I think the white ones can look pretty damned nice. Cheers