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  1. S5 Bluetooth capability

    How odd, it won't see my phone as a media device. Oh well, went with a 32GB SD card in the end although I have heard since that AMI can 'spaz out' if you put too much data on the card so a smaller card would have done the trick.
  2. S5 Bluetooth capability

    That was my fear I had seen some stuff in old posts about a Bluetooth adapter that can be used with the AMI, but as it is a recognised limitation I was hoping it would be addressed in the facelift.
  3. Do you guys know whether it is possible to stream music over Bluetooth in an A5 / S5 ? My phone has paired without a problem but only as a headset. Doing the same in the missus' A1 pairs the phone for both headset and music so it's not a limitation of the phone but it would appear that this is a limitation of the software in the A5 Bluetooth stack. The S5 is a face lifted model so relatively recent unless this is technology inherited from the original car ( I am assuming this is the case ) but I was hoping that it would just be a simple software update. Unfortunately I was kind of fobbed off by Audi so I don't have a definitive answer. I can of course use SD cards, but it's nice to everything in one place
  4. Here are a couple of pictures
  5. Thanks Milo. I feel your pain although I was a little luckier than you as mine took 4 months to turn up. I've got a couple of queries but I'll post them in the relevant forum.
  6. Sorry gents, I'll be back asking questions about S5s from now on Biscuits, some pictures are at I'm taking a bit of a liberty with the post, I didn't want to consume outbound bandwidth as well by posting them into the thread
  7. Evening all, long time no speak. As the source of the answers for all my questions before I bought this I thought it would be a good idea to post it for sale on its spiritual home 225 BHP BAM engine, unmodified 1 owner from new Always kept in a garage Every service and MOT document available 107k miles One of the best examples of this model with almost every option installed as detailed below Will have 6 months tax and 13 months MOT Standard equipment Electrically adjustable Recaro sports seats with lumbar support in black silk nappa leather Sports suspension Xenon headlights Electronic climate control Drivers Information System Optional Equipment 18” 9 spoke RSTT alloys ( OEM not copies ) BOSE Audi Symphony II dash mounted 6CD autochanger Acoustic rear parking sensors Electric slide and tilt sunroof Cruise control Fully removable factory towbar - Not visible at all when not in use, electrics fold away, swan neck goes in the boot. Heated seats Auto dipping rear view mirror SIDEGUARD head airbag system Front centre armrest Additional rear three point seatbelt and headrest £4250 Located in Wokingham +44 7973654879 Pictures are at
  8. Where are you skiing/boarding this season?

    Skied in Washington State at the beginning of Feb and just got back from Colorado. Went to Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone and Breckenridge and the coolest part is you get to do them all on one pass IIRC the lowest base is at around 9000ft with the top of Breckenridge being at nearly 14000ft, second highest lift in the world apparently. Doing a weekend at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe at the end of the month as I pass through for work the following week.
  9. Giant Stride Entry

    That's a rebreather he is on isn't it ? I wonder why he has all the extra cylinders ? Must be a hell of a dive he had planned
  10. Good Hard Drive Fix Utility.

    You say this is your mail HD, does this mean it is a second drive in your system ? Given the blue screen I am guessing it is the system drive you are having a problem with. If it is the only drive in the system and CHKDSK won't complete try adding it to a second system ( if you can ) and running CHKDSK on it from there. The volume bitmap is part of the NTFS metadata that is used to determine which clusters on the disk are free so it is not your actual data that is at risk ( yet !!! ) CHKDSK is the only tool that will repair NTFS so you are left working with that. Try specifying the /R switch as this will locate and repair bad sectors. Check the system event log ( Start | Run -> eventvwr ) and look for any errors with a source of disk, typically error 9, 11, 50 or 51. Get the text to try and determine if the error is disk, or controller related. If none of the above work, back up your data, buy a new drive and chuck this one or add it as a second and don't leave anything valuable on it
  11. Instrument cluster dead

    To be honest it would make sense that if the car detects a problem with the instruments it won't start, I mean not knowing how fast you are going or being able to see if there are any warning lights may cause a problem hey ...if it does house the immobiliser then ouch ! it could be expensive I seem to remember that there were issues with the TT blowing dash pods, or may be it was just the DIS, I'm not sure, but any input is welcome
  12. Can't believe, it... my S3 has not had a single problem in over 4 years and now it's had two in as many months Yesterday morning I start the car only to get a coolant level warning light Pop the bonnet and check the level and it's fine. Restart, problem goes away. Oh well just one of them things perhaps. I arrive at work and as I pull into the car park the dash pod goes completely, no speedo, no tacho, no DIS all dead dead dead, but the car is still running. I check the fuses and see that the instrument cluster fuse has blown, so relatively relieved that it'll only be a few pence to fix. Replace fuse, blows instantly Now the car won't start. As I turn on the ignition I can hear the fuel pump kick in, I can turn over the engine and it sounds like it is going to start and then just dies. Audi seem to think the dash pod will need replacing but obviously need to get it hooked up to test it. Has anyone seen anything similar ? I'd like to go in armed and sounding like I've heard about this from other people so I don't get too rolled over
  13. Need a coil spring replaced

    Cheers Phil, seems to be worthwhile then Paul, It has been a while since I posted but I do pop in now and again, I guess I should do it more often. Are you at Windsor tomorrow ?
  14. Evening all, long time no speak Big 'twang' from the front near side of my S3 this morning and the short and tall of it is that apparently I now need a new coil spring. Audi want £234 to replace it, so I was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a specialist in Berkshire as it's a pretty standard part and I guess fitting is pretty straight forward. Cheers guys