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  1. A4 avant s-line 18t (190)

    You guys finished !!!!!!!!! Car still for sale
  2. A4 avant s-line 18t (190)

    Ha kerbed wheels I'm blaming the wife :-)
  3. A4 avant s-line 18t (190)

    Hey mate how you doing The last time I saw you you where racing me at the traffic light haha I take it u don't have the golf anymore ? Don't want to sell a audi but it's not big enough now My big dog has had pups and I'm keeping one of them so going for a Vw T5 Ho and the milage was 27 thousand when I bought Don't use it that much I just drive my splitty :-)
  4. A4 avant s-line 18t (190)

    audi A4 avant s-line 18t 190 bhp 58000 miles tiptronic gearbox 18"wheels, half leather interior satnav, light pack, bose sound system, dimming rear mirrors, telephone, built in rear window blinds,climate control, a/c, 3 owners one which was audi as it was there show car bright red with the s-line chrome extras a couple of the wheels have cerb marks and the body has a few stone chips you will not be disappointed when you see the car £ 7400 open to sensible offers 07925554585 <a class="ad" href=";l2=;l3=audi;l4=;kw=;loc=Newcastle;pos=;sz=590x30;page_type=posting_static;ubercat=10302;posting_cat=43256;carfuel=Petrol;caryear=2004;outcode=NE24;carbody=Estate;price=c4;carmake=Audi;gump=024701c81c;carmodel= A4 t (190) s line cvt;site=rouk;env=live;vip_design=control;abr=!ie4;abr=!ie5;abr=!ie6;ord=123456789?" target="_blank"> <p>advertisement</p> <img src=";l2=;l3=audi;l4=;kw=;loc=Newcastle;pos=;sz=590x30;page_type=posting_static;ubercat=10302;posting_cat=43256;carfuel=Petrol;caryear=2004;outcode=NE24;carbody=Estate;price=c4;carmake=Audi;gump=024701c81c;carmodel= A4 t (190) s line cvt;site=rouk;env=live;vip_design=control;abr=!ie4;abr=!ie5;abr=!ie6;ord=123456789?" width="590" height="30" border="0" alt=""> </a> Ad ref 84311432 Posted 3 hours ago Views 7 Posting ads since Mar-2011 Reply to this ad Enlarge picture <a class="ad" href=";l2=;l3=audi;l4=;kw=;loc=Newcastle;pos=right;sz=300x250;page_type=posting_static;ubercat=10302;posting_cat=43256;carfuel=Petrol;caryear=2004;outcode=NE24;carbody=Estate;price=c4;carmake=Audi;gump=024701c81c;carmodel= A4 t (190) s line cvt;site=rouk;env=live;vip_design=control;abr=!ie4;abr=!ie5;abr=!ie6;ord=123456789?" target="_blank"> <p>advertisement</p> <img src=";l2=;l3=audi;l4=;kw=;loc=Newcastle;pos=right;sz=300x250;page_type=posting_static;ubercat=10302;posting_cat=43256;carfuel=Petrol;caryear=2004;outcode=NE24;carbody=Estate;price=c4;carmake=Audi;gump=024701c81c;carmodel= A4 t (190) s line cvt;site=rouk;env=live;vip_design=control;abr=!ie4;abr=!ie5;abr=!ie6;ord=123456789?" width="300" height="250" border="0" alt=""> </a>
  5. advant hatch stuck

    thanks mate i'll have a look and see if i can sort it cheers
  6. advant hatch stuck

    was it a easy fix ?
  7. advant hatch stuck

    A4 avant back hatch sometimes gets stuck so i'v go to clime in through the back seats and release it that way, open it and i cant see anything wrong, it doesn't happen all the time mainly when i'v got the dogs in 'typical' can any one help
  8. a4 temp gage

    where abouts on the engine is it or would it have to go to a garage cheers
  9. a4 temp gage

    thanks mate
  10. a4 temp gage

    the temperature gage on my 54 plate A4 1.8 T just stopped moving, temperature in the car is normal, any ideas cheers
  11. headlight bulb

    thanks guys for the advice. just noteist i have a oil leak on the camper so i'll have to have a look at that as well cherrs
  12. headlight bulb

    its a 54 plate with the smaller grill so it must be a B6, a mate of mine has a 54 plate but his has the big grill thanks mate
  13. headlight bulb

    hi the head light bulb has gone on my adv ant 18t 54 plate, every body says you have to strip the front end down but the guy i bought the car off said its not a big job and he put a thread on this forum on how to do it but i carnt find it. can any one tell me how to replace the bulb thanks barry
  14. running problems

    yes cleard all the fault codes in the ecu and nothing has changed still stuck
  15. running problems

    i'v got a A2 when it drops below 2000 rpm its runs like a bag ov bolts then cuts out, put it on a computer and said faulty sensor in manifold so replaced it and it's still the same, any advice would be helpful thanks