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  1. VW Mechanics

    Got a strange noise on my Lupo gearbox - whining under a light/no throttle load so took it to VW who said a new gearbox - told them where to out their gearboxes and spoke to one of their mechanics who said that it was more likely a idler bearing. Not paying £62p/h labour frmo VW so im looking at other options. A phone number would be appreciated, cheers
  2. BP Ultimate

    Hi Guys, I have a Lupo tractor and the Ultimate has made a massive difference in performance. Haven't tested it throughly yet (only 1.5 tanks so far) but it does seem to make a difference - smoking has reduced hugely under hard acceleration and the noise when running is reduced slightly. You do need to run a couple of tanks to get results though
  3. VW Mechanics

    Does anyone know of any good VW mechanics/specialists (not dealers) in the South East London area - even better is aroudn Bromley/Dartford Cheers
  4. Lupo Transmission Problem

    I think the technical term is MONEYGRABBING Does anyone out there have any addresses for reputable VW specialists/mechanics in the South East London area???
  5. Lupo Transmission Problem

    VW reckon its a new gearbox but i was talking to one of the mechanics and he thinks that its really unlikely - more likely an idler bearing. TOP BLOKE!! Off to another garage to get it sorted with half VW labour costs!
  6. Lupo Transmission Problem

    Ok cheers for all your help. I would have got it checked sooner but I have been working 7 day weeks for the past couple of weeks so not had a chance to visit a dealer Ill let you know what the problem is when I know
  7. Lupo Transmission Problem

    No noises when running in neutral. Only in gear.
  8. Lupo Transmission Problem

    I have not tried that one. Ill give it a go and let you know Thanks
  9. Lupo Transmission Problem

    Ok. Thanks for your help anyway. Have managed to persuade VW to take a look for free!
  10. Lupo Transmission Problem

    Had it since 2001, not under any warrenty anymore.
  11. Lupo Transmission Problem

    Its a '99 T The whining has been happending for about 2 weeks and the rattling noise is about 2 days old Any help is greatly appreciated. Gonna take it to me dealer next week but I would quite like to know anyone else's ideas before handing over wads of hard earned cash.
  12. Lupo Transmission Problem

    Hi Guys, I have a 1.7 SDI Lupo which is making some nasty noises from the transmission area when driving. In 3rd, 4th and 5th it makes a whining noise but when i depress the clutch it goes away. Also it has started to make a metallic vibrating noise for a few seconds and then goes. This is mainly in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Can anyone shed any light onto this because it sounds expensive!!
  13. R Polo

    Do you know whos Loopy is the yellow Lupo?? Reg S3 1UPO??? I have seen that round my way recently (Bromley SE London) but without the ad stickers on.