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  1. iPhone 6 - anyone waiting to upgrade?

    Good ho; Hopefully price drop on older models !
  2. iPhone 6 - anyone waiting to upgrade?

    When is the alledged release date for the 6? Waiting for the 6 to come out so I can pick up a cheap 5s!
  3. Michael Schumacher suffers serious head injuries

    Nope; Dutch Prince was caught in an Avalanche. Schu was skiing off piste; fell and his head hit a rock(or rocks). Some sources are suggesting he was skiing with his 14 yo son off piste; Schu fell and banged his head on a rock (or rocks). He may have been knocked out, but recovered; was taken down in a sledge by piste patrol. Condition worsened once at local Hospital and so airlift elsewhere; Suggestions possible brain Hemorhage. Not looking too good in the short term; only those close will really know......
  4. New telly 40-46"

    So what apps do I need on my new TV?
  5. New telly 40-46"

    Samsung Smart 40 inch turned up last week. Plus sound bar. Proper clever bit of kit. Picture is fantastic. Just got to get the Wii working with it now!
  6. New telly 40-46"

    Is 3D really needed, will anything happen in the next 5 years? Looks like it will be sammy then ! Many thanks for the help :-)
  7. New telly 40-46"

    Hi all, After some advice; time for a new TV. Looking for 40-46 inch; do I really need 3D? We do not watch that much TV. Or is it sensible to spend a few more quid now. Been a fan of Samsung for a while; but what should I consider? Budget around 750 if needed. Cheers Simon
  8. Friend of mine designed most of the panels for that (He's responsible for surfacing for McLaren). Price will be circa 800K; any colour you like; for a price...
  9. Warning lights and MOT

    Me bad...
  10. Warning lights and MOT

    Don't suppose you could point me at what you bought; and can you check the manual to see if it includes codes for SEAT LEON FR D please....
  11. Warning lights and MOT

    Umm; Suppose someone with VAG-Com could do the same for me... Wonder if the light can be turned off
  12. Warning lights and MOT

    Car not Due MOT yet. Got SEAT to have a quick look when it went in for it's service and they are guessing it is electrical fault somewhere. might be a nightmare to find. Not quote sure what to do at the moment. praying the bulb fails!!!
  13. What's the ultimate 80s car icon?

    Integrale as they were "generally available". but for pure awesomeness RS 200.
  14. Warning lights and MOT

    Tried that. Checked the pressures; ran them high and low.... Guessing a faulty light or short somewhere!
  15. Warning lights and MOT

    Hi all, question for the font of TSN knowledge... I have a Tyre pressure warning light on; but the tryes are fine. Is it an MOT failure if the warning lights are on? ta