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  1. Orange/EE SmsMT NO's

    100200950 numbers!!!! Hello to all that know me sorry about my technical VW absence. I'm calling on a few return favours from tech geeks here.....I used to be an Orange customer since 1997! I'm struggling with a few things regarding EE and their itemisation etc!!!!! Really frustrating as I've spent over 3 hours trying to get to the bottom of what a SMSMT message is! Also how Google messaging from mobile to email works and vice versa as I'm having a few issues indoors. Much love from fried head and broken Tidydubs
  2. Orange/EE SmsMT NO's

    100200590.....that's the number. Has caused a lot of pain to my self lately x sorry guys for lack of posting x
  3. Won't start after timing belt change

    Rubbish!!! There would have been a recall or QE on said issue. Either pulley was shot completely or user error......if it ran tidy to start with then there's only one port of call.......tidy
  4. 14 things to do with a BMW 650 Gran Coupé (3G warning)

    The M6 Gran Coupe looks pimp!!!!!!
  5. VW Recalling 384,000 Cars Faulty DSG Transmissions

    Been away for a whilei know people............................ but I know all things VAG/DSG related and have rebuilt a fair few and know the ins and outs of the little buggers. THEY ARE a good box if not abused and yes they have had a few teething problems. If a decent VW technician picks up on the minor issues to start with and diagnoses correctly in the first place all will be cool.
  6. Hello there......have not posted for what seems an eternity. Have a friends A6 2007 3.0 TDI with the twin controls for the climate control. Car blows cold all the time ......sporadically it will get a little hot only experienced this just now. (00739)COOLANT CIRCULATION PUMP (V50) UPPER LIMIT REACHED. Have checked pipework up to bulkhead still cold even the rear valves situated in the plenum chamber are stone cold and just the general heat there is non existant. Have not got underneath it yet as I'm off wok for a few weeks.........signed off so only got my basic diagnostic tool.VAGCOM is on a dead laptop. Any ideas would be welcome..........cheers Tidy.
  7. A6 v6 tdi 3.0 only blows cold air!!!!!!

    Hello there i have all the info but not with me at the moment but the pump in the plenum chamber with all the coolant pipes to and from it needs to be changed.....pretty much as I have described above.....vacuum filling the cooling system is the best way to complete the job without getting air locks, as i tried without it first and ended up with only the one side working in the cockpit once hot................
  8. Apologies first and foremost........not been here for a while alot has been going on. Getting paid for my diagnostic time online, very few and far between but its been good all the same and moved yet again!!!! Due to the complexity of the new Golf 7 and its counterpart the A3, is VAG COM going to be able to communicate with either of these? Thing is ODIS is the new software for these models (bloody pain in the recctal cavity) as its got some teething problems at the mo. Can anyone shed any light on this subject for example ROSS TECH? Any info will be greatly appreciated.......Tidy.
  9. 2013 Golf or pre-reg car?

    Seriously Mook.......get a grip man the BMW mini is NOT a proper MINI and are in fact less reliable and less hands on than the old ones.At least you could fix most stuff on the old trusty rusties yourself and they handled a lot better too. Golf GTD is ok if its got some spec........seriously though Golf 7 is a beaut.......ive been privvy to alot of playing and digging on a fair few the last couple of months..........he he he Golf 7 for sure forget Golf 6 and its dodgy EGR!!!!
  10. AUDI TT 2.0TSFI knocking noise

    Hi although these do have a wee DMF......this sounds like its not the case at all. It sounds like the Mechatronics or dual clutch is playing up. More likely a mechatronics but some prematur wear may also have occurred on the dual multi plate wet clutch!!!! Ive replaced both mechatronics and clutches.......mechatronics do suffer from software issues up to a certain build. Clutches are a wear/tear replacement item but can often give jip due to a shafted mechatronics,but more often than not just judder or have really harsh up and downshift..........hope this sheds some light....contact me for more info.......Tidy
  11. VAG COM AND THE NEW mk 7 GOLF AND A3.........

    does that mean extra money to be shelled out?????? nice one..........
  12. D2 S8 cold

    I do believe like the A6 they have a valve with 2 electrical connectors in the plenum chamber circa £250???.....has the water running through it.I did one recently on which i posted a thread on here about Fbruary i think?? I trust you have no HOT air flowing through your vents? Once replaced you will have to vacuum fill the cooling system to which its turned to G13 now......should only be used with distilled water by all accounts. Hope this helps???Tidy
  13. Your Car/Motoring plans for 2013 ?

    Diolch yn fawr....
  14. Boot lock not working in cold weather

    There is a possibility its the gas struts on the boot not allowing the closure due to the extreme temperatures of cold....possibly a software update for that unit as i dare say it has a load sensing in the unit.....try your reatiler or good Indy
  15. Your Car/Motoring plans for 2013 ?

    Noswaith dda pawb.....Good evening everyone (first part is Welsh) as im learning!!!!Apologies ive been away for a long while it seems........ Road trip or four to the French alps again for a couple of weeks Cornwall hopefully too and Pembrokeshire.........possibly do the A470 up to North Wales again just for the crack like......
  16. VAG COM AND THE NEW mk 7 GOLF AND A3.........

    hmmmmm possibly......i just wondered if any one is playing with a new A3 as they are out now and the 7 is out January 13........i have had a good poke around an SE Golf 7 loads of spec VW press car none the less.......looks good too longer wheeel base as its variable as is the width due to the new MQB platform....which i knew about in 2010!!!
  17. Good evening all...........I'm back for a while popping in now and again. Go to my thread about plenum chamber drains........it should have had a recall!!!!!! if it hasnt then you one of many in the network that still have not had this done and yes it will suck the water in through the servo and into your engine. hence boooom. I hope you have some luck. There should be a recall sticker in the boot next to the PR code sticker or somewhere close...... Tidy+++
  18. Good evening to all............back briefly for a good rant now as im fed up of BT BROADBAND and would appreciate some advice. Ill keep it short and sweet. January and February this year absolutely firing on all cylinders......super fast as i watch a lot of live links for surf comps around the globe with no hassle.Videos and pictures......sorry to disappoint you but it was all clean!!!!Come March, a week before i departed for the sunny french Alps for some quality snow......nothing it was like a i had DIAL UP but i could not even get a page to load. Ive had an engineer out 4 times all different ill add..........last one seemed to know what he was talking about, last Tuesday.....Being Its now April and as i type im on the poxy phone for the last hour...no answer!!!!! Im on one of the cheaper options being as im on my own.....and it was absolutely great up till now. Im using home hub all is cool my pc and andrioid phone have been illiminated plus the last engineers laptop was as slow..........!!!!!! I have been told so many things..........contention has been the last port of call.......the home hub is good too....reset etc etc etc............. any one else been having any issues????????? im currently download of 3.2 Mbps upload of.........0.31 Mbps it was 6.4 which is extremely good for where i live an d was fault less!!!!!!! HELP SOME BODY PLEASE!!!!!!
  19. Bt broadband...........wasters!!!!!!!!!

    they have done the battery connection in the exchange.....just been told a further 7 to 10 days for stabilisation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big time fecked off..........im only just managing this typing lark on here and even then its taking forever to upload. Time for compensation me thinks paying nearly 30 sheets for bugger all really........extratcts the urine!!!!!! I think im being tucked up again!!!!!
  20. A6 v6 tdi 3.0 only blows cold air!!!!!!

    All fixed.........there is a TPI for the said fix.......there is a pump in the plenum chamber underneath the 2 changeover valves......not cheap mind and a complete fecker to bleed without a vacuum fill kit.......mail me if you need to know more
  21. Garage wrecks R8

    I second what Shark is saying about the ESP etc......unfortunately no had the pleasure of driving such a beast.
  22. 2.0 TDI 140 vs 170, differences help please

    Hello people.......yes im back.Apologies first and fore most wrapped my car very well indeed not the vinyl type either!!!!!!! Yes wrote ther car off good and proper, the trials and tribulations of dealing with MONKEY insurance companies.....YES LV(liverpool victoria) Have since moved twice since my last post as well. What is it you wanted to know about the 140 and 170's is that CRD or PD engine?
  23. Plenum chamber bungs 3B Passat I take it you mean the plenum chamber bungs??? This is usually covered by a workshop action to remove the bungs by a VW retailer for free action code 51B8 thats if you car falls into the chassis range! To be fair id do it myself cause they all bloody block up and i check em on a service and remove the BLEEDERS.......Well my good friend its a doddle. pull the cover off where the battery and brake master cylinder. You need to remove the wiper arm covers under which are 13 mm nuts. Then the fiddly trims by the bonnet hinges secured via a Torx 30 screw. You need to remove these or you will break the scuttle trim.Then you can carefully pull the scuttle trim (the bit attached the screen) from one end carefully as ive seen people damage the screen doing this and when they come to reinstall....ill tell you later how to put back on. There you have an exposed battery,master cylinder pollen filter and housing and the electrics box on drivers side (E-box to us techs). you need to remove the battery carefully easing the wiring loom off the lip first, followed by the alarm siren and battery tray to access the passenger side bung and REMOVE IT. The other side is a bit of a pain but an extra long pair of long nose pliers and a Stanley knife will sort that out,taking care not to chip the protective paint off the pipework as you dont want this corroding in the future. Right thats the easy bit done now you need to remove the pollen filter housing carefully.... secured by 3 10mm nuts remove the crap foam seal and get 10 mm butyl cord and lay this in smoothing the 2 ends together. clean the whole plenum chamber free of any dirt leaves fag butts of rubbish like that and the sealing surfaces for the pollen filter housing. I then as a matter of course and prevent further ingress of water put a 5mm bead of sealer...clear stuff is good around the outside of the butyl cord and reinstall don't over tighten the nuts.Allow sealer to cure. You can do the same with the Ebox of which i do on customers cars and have done on my own car.++++++ You need to check your wiring on the passenger side A pillar behind the trim no2 phillips screwdriver...NOT a POZI please.Water invariably gets in these connectors and gives you all sorts of faults.Alarm going off bonnet open etc etc.YES it does go up as well as down trust me been dealing with these sodding water leaks and wiring issues for many years now!:mad: Pull em apart check they are all clean get some electrical cleaner and spray in to them if they are clean???No green fur or corrosion, or the they will have to be repaired. Convenience ecu is under the carpet in the passenger foot well generally full of water too, you have had a result if it is not:eek::D pull the connectors off and check as with A pillar connectors. Refit once you have dried all your carpets out of which i strongly advise. Refitting the scuttle trim on the screen clean out the groove first and clean the trim then lube with silicone spray and carefully push in do not hit reassemble fully and get some friendly chap with a Vag-Com to sweep the fault memories for you and clear codes......function test fully after. Just a polite note i cant accept responsibility for anything going wrong that i have explained here this is a mere guide, a very accurate one i might add, but i know not of you skill level not trying to insult im trying to help you. Hope this helps regards TidydubS
  24. vw injector fault

    It also affects Golf 5's too.......done plenty