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  1. A4 Heater Issues

    If it's the drivers side that's stuck I'm afraid that the servo is up at the side of the transmission tunnel on the drivers side. There's a yellow plastic arm which connects the servo to the damper - it snapped on me. Took me about 3 hours of faffing about lying in the footwell to change it out. The servo is right above the clutch pedal & is an absolute sod to get to - I had to lie on my back & hold the clutch pedal down with my head! Even then, you're working pretty much by touch. The part number of the servo is - 8E2.820.511. I think the actual servo motor is the same whatever position it's used in, but the plastic linkage is different. Guess what - Audi don't sell the linkage on its own. It cost me £90 for a new servo motor, plus skinned knuckles trying to swap it out!
  2. Coilpack recall

    I had my coilpacks replaced last week during an MOT - which it failed due to a "harsh/coarse horn" Dealer phoned me up & seemed delighted to tell me that it would cost £160 for a new horn. I didn't have much choice, so said go ahead. I then remembered about the MOT protection that Audi sold me last year - for less than the cost of the MOT. A quick search through the small print confirmed it was covered, so I called them back & gave them the good news. The even forgot to charge the £10 excess on the policy! PS - the new horn sounds exactly the same as the old one
  3. Hidden extra - mouse!

    I lifted the bonnet on my A4 today to do the usual - check oil & top up washer bottle, but I found a scene of devastation lying on top of the engine. There was umpteen bits of foam lying on the engine & a 2" diameter hole in the soundproofing under the bonnet. After taking out the soundproofing, I found a mouse's nest in it! They'd excavated almost half the soundproofing from underneath the bonnet. I work offshore, so my car is unused for 2 weeks at a time - looks like they moved in during my last trip away. Think I caught it just a the right time - they'd started to nibble at some of the tape round the wiring on the top of the engine. Anybody else ever come across anything like this?
  4. Gran Turismo 5 gets big 608MB patch

    Santa's not coming for a few days yet - I'm stuck offshore till Wednesday, snow permitting. Only need a couple of days of snow to end up spending New Year out here too.
  5. Gran Turismo 5 gets big 608MB patch

    I'm getting GT5 for christmas. Really looking forward to downloading 600+MB on a 300KB/S connection!!
  6. Who else is dressed for winter?

    Not studded, but the grip compared to last years fun & games is incredible. They feel a lot more secure on the road. Pulling out of an uphill junction now, the tyres actually get some purchase on the snow, rather than spinning. The treads fill up with snow & helps you to get traction. Think of rubbing 2 snowballs together - they stick!
  7. Who else is dressed for winter?

    It's an A4 2.0 TFSI Quattro
  8. Who else is dressed for winter?

    I've got the same size as my summer tyres - Goodyear F1's 235/40/18. The winter tyres are Continental TS830's and are noticably quieter.
  9. Who else is dressed for winter?

    Fitted winter tyres to my car a couple of weeks ago. £780 for 4 Continentals. Didn't go down the route of smaller wheels, so it'll be interesting to see how 40 profile winter tyres drive. After last winters fun & games, I'm not taking the chance. We had 6" of snow & it took 10 days before we had a gritter anywhere near us. Our road is a single track about a mile long with 8 houses spread along it - not a high priority for the council. I just hope that we get the weather to justify them! Even though the news is showing the north grinding to a halt due to a couple of inches of snow, we've got nothing yet!
  10. BT infinity

    I'd be more than happy with 1.9Mb!
  11. Parent and Child spaces....

    I work for an Oil Company & the car park is reverse parking only. The reason given is for safety - folk reversing blind out of spaces into the path of passing cars. They run a system whereby any violation of the rules gets a ticket - once you get 3 tickets, your parking pass is revoked for 6 months! There's also a 10mph speed limit - which is rigourously enforced, people have been sacked for breaking the limit.
  12. "Broadband"!!!

    Satellite broadband - £500 to install & then £100 a month for 6GB!! Still trying to sort out with BT as to why the house was attached to the "wrong" exchange. If we just put our postcode into BT's own checker, it reckons that we should be on the nearer one.
  13. "Broadband"!!!

    Just recently moved into a wonderful new house. Unfortunately, we found out after moving in that the phone exchange we're connected to is 7 miles away - despite our nearest one being less than 2 miles away. When we asked BT about ADSL, they laughed at us!! We're reduced to mobile "broadband". There's no such thing as 3G once you get more than 100 yards from the centre of a city, so we're stuck with GPRS. Look at the result below & think yourselves lucky!!
  14. Fixed price servicing rip-off?

    I recently booked my car in for a major service (2006 A4 2.0tfsi quattro S-Line SE). I expected to pay £199, as advertised by Audi. However, when I picked up the car, the bill was £194. I asked if the fixed price servicing had come down in price & was told that my dealer didn't do fixed price servicing as it was cheaper to just charge normal rates for the work. Also, fixed price servicing doesn't include changing the pollen filter in the AC, which was done as part of the service carried out by the dealer. I wonder how many dealers are honest enough to point this out to customers?
  15. Chinook

    Noisy, uncomfortable, cramped piles of scrap!! Used to fly offshore in the civillian version, but they lost their passenger certification after a gearbox failure caused one to fall from the sky with the loss of 44 lives. The same one took me to work the day before the accident.