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  1. Since I bought this car back in Spring 2010, I've had Bluetooth and iPod drop out issues. Both the Phones I use (iPhone 3GS and Blackberry 9520 Storm) pair and work fine but then I get drop out after a period of functioning fine. Sometimes, the phones pair but on recieving a call, nothing comes through on the car even though phone says its paired to the car! Sometimes, phonebook doesn't transfer across (I dont have any double entries, massive amount of texts stored). iPod can be playing and all of a sudden it drops out with no icon showing on the radio display. All this logged and sent to Stealer! Stealer has already replaced the USB port after they reckoned this was faulty. Interestingly they weren't able to do a sfotware upgrade at that time.......BMW wouldn't let them as 'it may affect other components'. All was going well until recently when after 2 weeks of flawless operation I couldnt get the car to pair with any phone and no iPod connectivity. Infact no phone icon shows on the Radio menu display! Trip to Stealer for another 3 days in the service shed and I've been told......ULF Control Module has failed.......we'll have to wait on what BMW HQ comeback with before we can get go ahead to fix it under warranty.......! Guess they are stalling.....I am chasing them in a nice way......been 2 weeks now! Anyone had similar issues? Any advice welcome! thanks, Tinca
  2. Auto gearbox on E90 330d M Sport

    I'd agree with that - nothing compares to a manual stick. I was looking at the 330d when I went to the stealers to part exchange my 320d but alas the bling kit on the 123d saw an end to my dreams of stepping up to a V6! One day maybe but the grunt on the 123d will do me for now
  3. Auto gearbox on E90 330d M Sport

    The 1 series 2.3D twin turbo is a goer! Oh yes; just slip the auto box into sport mode and use the paddle shifts on the steering wheel and.....OMFG! Such a great little car with a massive heart and ooodles of grip. Total magic; I can highly recommend it. Its just a shame that I have to drive this daily for a living.....I'd rather keep it in the garage and bring it out at the weekends having upgraded to performance alloys, breaks and all the other BMW performance bling! So far I'm getting about 42 - 44mpg but I'm sure it will loosen up and mpg will improve!
  4. Auto gearbox on E90 330d M Sport

    Thanks chaps. I ended up buying a 1 series, 2.3D Coupe with the Auto box. Not my first choice as I'd seen a 3 year old, 07 plate one with only 14k on the clock! But when the dealer showed me their 2.3D demonstrator with 5 years/60,000 miles free servicing and 3 years warranty, I ended up going for it....and its a 10 plate! 7888 miles on the clock and loaded with nice bits like xenons; heated seats front, rear and front p/s; USB connection, sun protection glass, sun roof, etc I was sold! Now just being silly and thinking how poor will my mpg be compared to the manual ed version......hmmmm, never happy eh!? E90 320d returned almost 600 miles to a full tank of fuel mind, so maybe I'was a bit spoiled in the first place!
  5. Currently seeking to replace my 320D M sport E90 (07), manual, and move upto a 330D but theres a shortage of Manual ones as Approved Used Vehicles in the dealer network. Thing is you see alot of Autos, sub 30k mileage......anyone know why? Does it get unreliable and pricey running an autobox? Certainly my experience with an Audi A4 with a semi-auto, MFG (?), box was that it had to be serviced every so often and that alone costs a £150! Would be interested to learn anything useful folks... cheers, Tinca
  6. 320D M SPORT in the snow......fook me!

    Great post fella and isn't it a dreadful feeling that you seriously might have to leave said beamer in a street somewhere! Utter dread! That said my brother had his Merc taken off his drive in London after they'd broken in for the keys! So why haven't stealers cottoned on and sent out oodles of marketing gumph to soft lads like me about the great deal on snow socks they're running at the moment! Seems they are missing a trick! Instead they program my car to tell me it needs an inspection service so they can tell me....'everythings great mate' and charge me £100 for the privilidge! Yup, 'all's well sir but if it snows you're fooked sunshine!' .....can you hear....its my work collegues standing in a circle, with a biscuit each; stammering 'Vorsprung durch technik' through clenched teeth as they see who climaxes first! .......yeah whatever!
  7. 320D M SPORT in the snow......fook me!

    Roger that CarMad but seriously; with the sensible advice you suggest; I have had a nightmare in car parks given the recent weather. Well churned frozen ice, compacted snow and churned up loose snow are a nemesis for the E90 M Sport 320D running on runflats. I'm not sure if the set up of the transmission on this car coupled with runflats makes it useless in snow....all that torque and no grip! I played it with the DTC on; then off and did all the things that CarMad suggests.......like a drunk Nun on speed....OMFG! Snow socks or chains is the way ahead me thinks. Sad thing is there was a 330i next to mine in the car park and he got out no problem.......I was in tears!
  8. Anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to get anywhere when there is snow on the roads in one of these. Does piling paving stones in the boot help? I'm close to buying snow chains as I need to travel a fair bit in my car for work; stay away overnight and I can't be faffing about digging the bugger out of a carpark while my mates laugh on and goad me in their plinky plonky A3's......!! any sensible suggestions really welcome - thanks!
  9. Hello, the key fob will lock the car but on trying to open it....nothing! Courtesy lights switch on, even the windows will come down if I press the button on the keyfob for long enough but the central locking wont open! No issue with the key fob as its automatically charged whilst in the ignition. Tried the spare key fob, and no difference. Is this a fault with the central locking? Car still under warranty, so wondering if this imight be covered? Please advise. thanks, Tinca
  10. Ev'nin... anyone recommend a good car audio/ICE company in the Southwest that can sort out a decent sound system retaining the BMW head unit in the E90? To be honest, I'm getting so desperate:ffs: for decent sound; I'm happy to travel to Midlands or South East......so please; all you audio heads please shout up! Thanks. Tinca
  11. Tuning up E90 320D

    Cheers fellas - OK blonde question:o......how do I know if my 320d is the 166bhp or the 177bhp version. Its an 07 so my thinking is that all M sports from 2007 onwards were 177bhp. Is there a 'numbty' panel on the engine that tells you? DVLA still to send out V5 doc. so it may be on there. cheers, Tinca:grin:
  12. Tuning up E90 320D

    Thanks for the replies guys. Gizze - thanks for the contacts at emap and speedreligion; how do I get in touch with eMap? Ben - the tunig box.....any idea how much is it going for? The car is still under a year's stealer warranty so I'm probaly best off tuning up when this comes to an end. Also, any recommendations for an insurance company - I'm a safe bet: sadly balding, 40, short, fat, clean license, no claims intact...... just completeley dull and unimpressive really! cheers, Tinca
  13. ditching runflats...?

    Too right Bazza and Gizzer; all this talk about obesity in children....shocking! Keep 'em busy, make 'em run to the shops on errands and let them polish those alloys; thats what I say. If they are good they may view the interior of the vehicle from a safe distance! cheers, Tinca
  14. Tuning up E90 320D

    .....actually I ought to correct myself here......upto 207bhp from the 177bhp E90 not the 163! Apparently, E90s 07 onwards are 177bhp as standard.....is this correct? Also, what a saddo I am replying to my own posts! Priceless! cheers, Tinca
  15. Hang on a minute! I know it was a least a couple of years ago but weren't there as many new patents in the development of the A6 as there were patents for the Apollo Moon shot? That suggests that Technology is very much at the fore front with regard to Audi's 'Vorsprung durch Technic'. What we mustn't forget is that any new state of the art electronic item produced in Japan has a shelf life of 90 days before its considered old! Given that, comparing all new cars available today, to where we were just 3 years ago suggests that all car manufacturers have technology and innovation very much in mind. I work for a company that introduces new technolgies to the MOD, Health and Education. To be honest, its Car maufacturers and Games Console producers that lead the way...! cheers, Tinca