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  1. Ferrari theme park

    anyone thinking of going here? Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - The official site of the world's largest indoor theme park UAE still building....still no signs of recession
  2. S8 or RS6 ???

    Debadged C6...say no more:p
  3. Premium/Executive automobiles

    Infiniti - Nissan's premium brand with high specs, quite common in wealthy parts..US and Middle East
  4. Next-gen Audi RS6 to drop V10 in favor of V8?

    sorry for joining in so late... The RS6 C6 is available in both 5.0l and 5.2l. In da UK we have the 5.0l and what was intriguing to see was that when looking at the spec in Sweden this came in a 5.2 version!! Well well,, should have bought it there???? Nah... :-) brum brum to you all..and best wishes for 2010...
  5. to RS6 or not to RS6?

    Buy a Used audi rs6 car - Carmony Surely you can get a better price! Although the specs might not be there. Mr Sidicks, you are probably right as it was only a speculation from my point as I read it in one of the car online tutorials that this might be the last one to come out... At Manchester Trafford, they currently have one red, silver, black.and if I am not wrong a white....RS6...
  6. to RS6 or not to RS6?

    James - the new RS6 has been suspected to be the last, but please correct me if I am wrong and we really never know what Audi got up their sleeve. This speculation is more or less due to the change of the world... thinking of the environment, oil depletion, name it. opinion only.
  7. Real fuel consumption

    My Lupo 1.2TDi does an average of 3L / 100km. No roadtax, Band A. Although the rs6 is surely making up for the rest....
  8. Driving a left hand drive car in UK

    LHD and automatic!!! :roflmao:No problems! Just make sure when swopping cars you get in to correct side of the wheel! If you still can't get used to it...well well no more comments
  9. Craigy...would you know if we could get hold og the mmi3 for an rs6 c6?
  10. New RS6 servicing costs

    LOL:lol: but also put in a little bit more air in the tyres..but make sure you got great brakes.. so..craigy...are u gonna get one?
  11. New RS6 servicing costs

    you just have to learn to drive like a woman then...
  12. New RS6 servicing costs

    CraigyB if you are in contact with the Traffor branch, I am sure they can give you a better deal than teh Stockport one. They try to actually fight for a certain point on the servicing.'ll see you can manage to get an average of 22mpg. But it is very tempting to shoot off :openfire: Insurances...well it could be variable.. :-) Btw thought your deal was off?
  13. Brand new RS6?

    it was a good deal, I bet the specs were good also... I am sure there will be more ...and everybody knows Mugello Blue is the best colour on a RS6! Isn't that right Merlot?
  14. Brand new RS6?

    not a hard choice then?! let us know when you've decided.
  15. My new (and 1st) Audi

    very nice+++