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  1. newbie to forum but not to Audi

    lol they are all for Thrashing and as often as possible, i,m a proper bike as well as car fanatic , if the push came to the shove and i had to chose between car or bike, then it would definetly be bike for me
  2. newbie to forum but not to Audi

    the F type coupe S was great car, but not in the wet !!! because its a rear wheel drive all that power going through the back wheels kept putting the rrs end out when you gave it to much beans, traction control brought it all back into line but could catch you out if not carefull ,i apart from that i cant fault the car at all, really nice looking ,sounded great and i had it specced up to the max I should have gone for the AWD Type R but hey ho hindsights a great thing lol ,i missed owning an R8 and when i saw this v10 Plus i couldnt help myself . the reason i got the Ibis white is because my previous R8 V 10 and the Rs5 i had previous to that were both Sepang Blue !! i really like the look of the car in white with the black carbon blades ,plus the fact that the car is now putting out over 600bhp , which makes me a happy chappy , it will be in the Garage keeping my other toys company , 2015 Mercedes A45 Amg , 2015 Ducati Diavel Carbon White ,and 2013 Ducati 1199 Tricolore S , oh and a 2014 Honda Fireblade rr , boys and there toys eh
  3. new Audi r8 v10 plus

    pick car up next week so will post pics when car arrives ,
  4. newbie to forum but not to Audi

    hi guys , new to the forum , but not to Audi, i,m from Edinburgh ,Just traded in my 2014 Jaguar f type Coupe S for a 2014 Ibis White Audi V10 Plus ,i was going to get the car in Sepang Blue but thought would go for the white this time as my previous audi,s were a 2010 Sepang Blue Rs5 , and a 2009 Sepang Blue R8 v10 with Silver Blades , pick up new car next week and cant wait to get it out on road
  5. Plate

    i have private registration number RSO5 DAY on retention certificate ,it,s off my last RS5 , if any member on here interested i can let them have it at good price
  6. new Audi r8 v10 plus

    just bought a 2014 Audi v10 Plus ,Ibis White with black carbon blades , quilted leather interior , pick it up next week , cant wait , be interesting to see, feel and hear the difference from my last V10