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  1. Am I mad?

    I bet you were distracted by the RSJ, though.
  2. Football results today

    The fans who whine the loudest don't necessarily represent the broader fan base. It's really the fault of social media.
  3. Florida - Orlanda - Disney. Need to Plan

    Yeah, that spring break thing. Kind of tricky to avoid when your children have it...
  4. Florida - Orlanda - Disney. Need to Plan

    Great. Thanks. It is unlikely we will be staying right until the end of the day much, if at all - historically we have found ourselves flagging by about 5pm!
  5. Florida - Orlanda - Disney. Need to Plan

    Thanks Waylander. What about queues to park and walk from parking lots?
  6. Florida - Orlanda - Disney. Need to Plan

    Interesting to see this come up again as we are considering going back in March this year. Having stayed on site last time, we are thinking about either the non-resort hotel or villa option this time round. When people have driven in previously, what were the queues like? We will, by necessity, be going at one of the busiest times of the year and I don't really want to spend an hour every morning sitting in the car.
  7. What are your fitness plans for 2014?

    This is fine if your work involves exercise but most of us have relatively sedentary jobs. I have also seen many overweight and unfit manual labourers...
  8. What are your fitness plans for 2014?

    Yes yes but running is the most convenient and calorie-efficient exercise. For both mountain biking and rowing, you need equipment and more time. Running is just a case of slipping on some shoes and getting out the front door. (and the people I train with do triathlon)
  9. My brain is hurting

    And the second most offensive thing being the hyphen.
  10. My brain is hurting

    The most offensive thing being that you call it an adjective.
  11. My brain is hurting

    Also, I'd say that the adverbed "legit" is simply a (coarse) abbreviation of legitimately, which is an adverb in the first place and they only verbed "adverb" by placing the suffix "ed", so they didn't make it a "legit" verb as such. And they have the cheek to implicitly describe themselves as a language nerd...
  12. What are your fitness plans for 2014?

    Oh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa. Through gritted and bitter teeth. I developed Achilles tendonitis early this year and have not been able to run frequently or too far since. So I ended up doing NONE of the races listed above (well, I did the swim leg of a relay for one of the halves - not as quickly as I would have liked). The Achilles is still a problem and I am starting to struggle to believe I will ever get back to being able to run properly. The only minor consolation is that I have been able to do enough non-running exercise that my weight hasn't rocketed - in fact, down a few kg - but that feels a pretty hollow victory right now. What a little ray of sunshine I am.
  13. Alastair Cook

    Exactly - Dhoni tries stuff but India were still absolutely butchered in the last three Tests.
  14. Alastair Cook

    Cook oversaw a series win in India, which is hardly a common occurrence, and has beaten Australia once already in a series where England probably lost a majority of sessions. At the time, people were lauding his ruthlessness. Now we've gone through a rough patch, he's all of a sudden useless. Do we really think the last Ashes humiliation would have gone differently under another captain. All the innovative field placings in the world won't help a batting line-up that goes to pieces in the face of hostile bowling. Personally, I don't think he's an inspired captain but the team seems to want to play under him and there is nobody else in the picture right now. Broad is petulant, Bell doesn't seem loud enough, Anderson is getting long in the tooth and way too shy, Root is inexperienced (and no Graeme Smith), very few others have a guaranteed place. I never understand why Morgan's name comes up. He has repeatedly failed in Test cricket and hasn't always been guaranteed a place in his county line-up outside of the shorter forms of the game. I would stick with Cook for a while longer, see if Moores can bring a little more freedom than the uber-controlling Flower system and keep a couple in mind for succession plans.
  15. I pick up my new (to me) car tomorrow...

    Ils sont d'accord?