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  1. European Road Trip Advice

    Nurburgring Mont Ventoux And a bit of a stretch - the Millau viaduct is spectacular Set the sat nav to avoid motorways and toll roads, that way you get to see the countries that you're traveling through and makes for a more relaxing trip.
  2. Halfords Web Site Down?

    Local-ish, I'm between the Hendon and MK stores. I've visited both and was not impressed, clueless staff and expensive kit. At Halfords I can live with the clueless staff (although they are not all bad) as they are local and the bikes are good value, better components than you get on the big name stuff.
  3. Halfords Web Site Down?

    Mainly because I want him to be able to try the bikes and be able to see what he's choosing. And at the price range I'm looking at (£350 max) the VooDoo and Carrera bikes at Halfords are very good value, much better than the bigger names. Last time I was in a store they had some cracking deals on 2010 bikes. I buy a lot of stuff from CRC but wouldn't buy a bike from them unless I'd already seen and ridden it. Halfords site has been down for 24 hours so thinking that there must be some serious problems.
  4. Halfords Web Site Down?

    Anyone else having trouble getting to the Halfords web site ? Want to get one of my kids a new bike at the weekend so want to see what's available.
  5. Humvee shorts are great as Dave suggests. These are great as well Endura CoolMax Boxer | Buy Online | plus you'll soon get used to the firm saddle. Helmets are a bit like shoes, really worth going to a shop and trying some on as the fit can vary.
  6. If you change the hubs then you'll need to have the wheels rebuilt and if you're buying decent hubs then new rims would make sense, so that really means a complete set of wheels....... it's a slippery slope!! That sort of expense is not worth it for your bike, just make sure the shimano hubs are looked after, just like the rest of the bike. If you are not sure about how to service your bike then it's worth taking the time to learn, it's very easy (and lots of videos on YouTube to show you how). Or be prepared to throw a lot of money at your local bike shop.
  7. Nice looking bike and a good spec, good choice A little tip, the Shimano 525 hubs use loose bearings and if you do a few wet rides or use a hose to clean it then water can get in and they seize solid, this has happened to a couple of mates that I ride with. Keep them well packed with fresh grease and they'll last forever. Now get out and ride, the weathers been perfect recently so everywhere is nice and dry :D
  8. Worst car you've ever owned ? + pic.

    Both of mine are early company cars and I can't decide which was worse, this thing which I had in a lovely shade of pale blue or this pile of poo which ran on 3 cylinders most of the time despite having the entire ignition system replaced From these 2 I went to a 1.6 LX Sierra which felt like a massive step up the ladder.
  9. I've taken the plunge on an air cooled 911

    Lovely car and rebuild porn in one thread It looks great in blue, I'm very jealous. Let's hope the summer is long and dry!
  10. Agreed, I would say that 6' you'll need an 18" frame, unless you have abnormally short legs. But there is no substitute for actually sitting on a bike and seeing how it feels as they can vary a lot between models and manufacturers.
  11. Real Light Cluster C5 Allroad

    There are instructions for bumper removal here which also describes how to get the lights out It's not hard, just a bit of a fiddle.
  12. Both look like good bikes but they are different sizes. It's worth getting along to a shop that has lot's to choose from and sit on a few to see how they feel as it can make a big difference to comfort and performance. You can learn a lot in half an hour trying a few bikes but be prepared to be tempted into spending more than you planned
  13. If you're looking for something cheap to get you started, or just see if you actually want to do it long term, then the best thing to do is to look at new bikes that are old stock i.e. 2009/2010 model bikes. You'll get a lot more for your money and no-one will notice that it's not the latest thing. Paul's Cycles Mailorder sale and discounted bikes GT Mongoose Giant Kona Scott Cannondale, Cheapest sale offer cycles :: Pauls Cycles always have a good range of old model bikes so is worth a look. If you really must have a 2011 spec bike have a look at the Halfords VooDoo and Carrera branded bikes, they are well spec'd and get good reviews. I got back into mountain biking last year after a 10 year break and loving it, off to the Alps in June :D
  14. Pug 206 GTi 1.6..

    If you know the reg number you can check the Tax liability on this DVLA page Definitely go for a 1.9 as others have stated but make sure you get one with power steering if you are going to use it as a daily driver.
  15. Beware of this RS 6

    eBay listing now closed; "This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available." Hopefully because of the heat, rather than some poor punter buying it.