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  1. ah crap, broke a motor mount...

    oh its not bad at all. I was doing some work to the motor so i had to pull it out anyway. So when it goes back in it will have never motor and trany mounts. Just for fun heres pic of the little guy
  2. ah crap, broke a motor mount...

    that was the cause of the noise. The actualy noise was caused by the transmision bell housing hitting the cab of the truck in the tranny tunell. Attached is a pic showing the scaring in the tranny bell housing
  3. Well i was out playing in my little Isuzu a while back. Right after doing some var stupid things (power breaking) it started making a funny noise. Well i finally had the time to fin d the reason for the funny noise, i attached a pic of what my left hand motor mount looked like...
  4. Tow bar for 2.0 ltr GTi.

    here in the states RV touring is vary popular. Theres a few companies that make collapsable towbars to make a car able to be pulled behind an RV. Im shure theres an aplication for about every car. You might look up a company called Reese online you should be able to order one if they have an aplication for you.
  5. my little Isuzu used to do this. The thermostat was sticking closed so watter couldnt circulate through the radiator. Almost cost me a head gasket
  6. Very Nasty Accident - Audi A3

  7. 1.9L TDI vs 2.0L

    Alrighty im looking into getting a VW Golf and would like to know the trac record of these two motors. I was told i might get better info on this if i posted here (VW forum dosnt have much trafic ). Thanks.
  8. diesel or gas?

    yes... damn us Thanks
  9. F1 - Jordan...

    Fix Or Repair Daily
  10. diesel or gas?

    i realy hate to ruin your guys' fun and bring you back to the matter at hand but whats the reliability and track record like of these two motors?
  11. diesel or gas?

    yes gasoline. I didnt know there were diferent types of "gas"
  12. im not shure on the exact cost. I bought a set of 33x10.50 tires from the same manufactuer (Interco Tire) and they ran my $980USD mounted and ballenced. I think they are getting the 49s for about $2,000USD for just the tires then mounting them themselves.
  13. yeah i guess. Alot of those guys are mud boggers and im a trail type guy( they like thier nascar and i like road racing)...
  14. diesel or gas?

    Well i have perty much decided my next car will be a VW Golf (i dont know if the name is diferent over there, its the basic hatchback) but now the question is to get a deisel or a gas motor. I have no experiences whith deisel at all (well except for helping my dad work on Macks, but i dont thing 700+ cubic inchers count ). So what are some of the basic pros and cons of each? How does each rank as far as reliability? Thanks.
  15. heres a link to the thread, i go by the same name there. I dont think i was particualrly harsh or anything and seemed civil. But i got no such respect back...