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    Hi All, Sorry that I am recalling this thread again, but I need some help. I have just installed cruise control with module 8E0 953 549 Q from audi B7 2007year to my car Audi A4 B6 2004 year, it's working fine. I have intention to install MFSW as well, but old type (b6 type single stage airbag) as soon as I find it. I do not want to instal B7 MFSW. My question is : will this module support old style(B6) multifunction steering wheel (as this module is from new model B7) and will be possible to use speak control with this steering wheel as on below picture? Did anybody use this module with B6 MFSW? Will slipping ring with part No. 8E0 953 541 E (D) be compatible with this module and make MFSW working good? One more question, is it possible to use steering wheel from Audi A6 or A8 which looks like this one and appropriate steering slip ring? Thanks for the replies, Regards Novica
  2. Real fuel consumption

    Hi First diesel car which I drove was Opel Ascona 1.6 CY 1984. Its average consumption was among 7 and 8 liters per 100 km. Outside town was below 6 L/100km and in town was more then 8 L/100km. From 2000 I drove new VW Passat Variant 1.9 TDI PD (B5 115 hp) and consumption in town was around 9 L/100 km it was impossible to go under 8 L/100 km. I am aware that in town I was making no more then 5 km and it was full with stop and go. Outside town it was difficult to go under 5.5 L/100 km, and normal consuption was 6 to 7 L/100 km. Two months ago I bought Audi A4 Avant 1.9 TDI CY 2004 (B6 130hp) and as per board computer the consumption is like this: Town: min 7 L/100 km (mostly I pay attention and done more then 20km) max 10.9 L/100 km (if I do not care and with planty start and stop) Outside: min 4.5 L/100 km (driving with care and without high hills) max 7 L/100 km (driving like I stole it and pying att on police ) Anyhow I am satisfy with my consumption but I read in lots of forums that people are doing even better or unreacheable (for me) consumption. I realy take care about car, maintenance, tyres etc. What is about Your real consumption? For conversions You can use this site Unit Conversions
  3. Idle fluctuation

    HI As I am a new owner of Audi A4 Avant 2004 year (engine code AVF 1.9 tdi 96 kw, 141000 km) I noticed that my RPM is fluctuating from 861 to 882 after few moments when the engine is started and when is warm. But the RPM is jumping from 861 to 882 as shown on vag com and it is not showing any other number between, only these two. When I bought the car (1 month ago), he was due to change the timing belt, and I do it by myself. I was thinking that this and ALL new filters will cure the problem but nothing the engine is still fluctuating 20 RPM. I am wondering is this normal or something will go wrong soon? I attach also engine data meassured with vag com, I compared with elsa and vag com and they are in range. The data were taken before I change timing belt and filters, after that I did not write the data but they are almost the same except channel 004 that synchronisation angle is now 0 without fluctuation (because of new spanner and belt and sync. of engine:)) and injected quantity is increased slighty up to 6.5 mg/S as I remember. Engine measuring
  4. I was thinking also, but do I have a immobilazer? Does this tire warning work? Is there a posibility to check with vag com?
  5. Hi I am a new owner of used Audi A4 Avant 1.9 tdi 2004 year. I was searching for anti theft alarm and immobilazer for my car, but I can not find any!The car does not make a horn sound when I lock him and I try to recode the adress 46 cent. conv. to add 1024 (to make a horn) to my code (06976-code of add. 46) without success! I make also a output test of same modul but there wasn't any option for alarm horn or test, only some locking and unlocking options. Then I was wandering about immobilazer and I couldn't find a sign on instrument cluster. I looked on owner's manual (which is in german- I do not understand a word!) and I recognized the symbol but on the place of this symbol in my cluster is another symbol which I do not know what is it! I am sending a 2 pict of my cluster and I circled it. Please help if somebody know what is the meaning of the symbol,is it a immobilazer? :confused: