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  1. Johan Cruyff - RIP

    Lots of tributes to a great player and manager, and lots of dads trying to teach his tricks to their kids:
  2. Can't diagnose a network fault

    Bit of a long shot but Might be worth just checking your date and time are correct, I had a very similar problem recently after I moved the date back to get a piece of software to work and forgot to correct the date back.
  3. New here :D

    The indisputable leader of the gang ...
  4. will be interested to hear what you think of Elite, I need a couple doing and they are fairly local for me
  5. The leeds branch of this company get good reviews and they have a Manchester location, might be worth a look;
  6. Tour de France

    Was great to see even though it was over in a flash, I was down the other end of Otley, totally mobbed all day and looked quite messy in the pubs later in the evening.:-)
  7. Tour de France

    Ill be watching in Otley too, think there is quite a lot going on, should be a good day
  8. Anyone see the new Bentley Continental GT3-R ? Not keen on the looks but I bet it sounds great ! and only £240 K !
  9. FFS car salesman

    Sounds more like a long time lease but how does the inside of the boot look ? daily rentals tend to have a harder time with luggage being put in and out and possibly an area the dealer wouldn't spend a lot on to tidy up ?
  10. spotted that over on Disco3 - do you hang out over there patently ?
  11. Interesting that although this will be hugely beneficial to the insurance industry they are saying it will be an extra premium to opt out - what about a reduction in premiums for implementing this ?
  12. Dash Cams

    That's my view of it, the insurance company don't know I have it so If I'm in an accident and it's my fault it just doesn't exist, same for getting pulled up by the police.
  13. Dash Cams

    I have a blackvue DR400 hard wired in mine and another one if the wifes car, the peace of mind they give you is worth the price and if your ever in an accident with no witnesses or no admission of liability they are great for protecting your no claims bonus. Living near the insurance scam capitol of England it was a no brainer for me.
  14. A TSN favourite

    Is that the Wroxham that's owned by Roy ? I remember visiting there once and going in the Newsagents to discover the largest collection of 'top shelf' material I've ever seen in one location