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  1. Brake wear

    Not at all! The nearest it goes to off road is the access road to the back of our house. All I really want to know is if this wear would be considered normal for general use or if I need to go back to the dealership and tell them to try yet again to fix it!
  2. Brake wear

    Its a Pug Combi Partner (with the horrible 1.9 turboless diesel!). The car has had issues since she bought it new nearly 4 years ago, with one side always wearing to nothing approx once per year. The last time it occured 2 months out of warranty and Pug didn't wan't to know a thing, even though they never resolved the problem during the warranty. We did get some so called good will money back for the last repair, but this is why I am checking it now before the warranty on that repair expires. The car does occassionally pull to the left, but I don't think the brakes are causing it (the drivers side has the more wear). I suspect that it is the tyres, I have swapped them today to see if the pulls any differently. Again this only happens every now and then but road camber does not seem to be the cause. The brakes also do not appear to stick, on a slight hill the car will start to roll as soon as the brakes are removed. The previous attempts by Pug to resolve the issue included replacing the caliper, discs etc. On the last occassion just out of warranty, 1 the dealership claimed it was the master cylinder. I took it to a different Pug dealer and asked them specially to test the master cylinder. They could find no fault and claimed it was purely the caliper sticking. As I say, the warranty on that work expires soon and I want to check if the wear difference I observed today can be put down to normal variations or if its likely its the start of the problems reappearing. I'm not even sure what the size of a new pad is to work out how much the pads have worn. Thanks Rich
  3. Brake wear

    Not sure this is the best forum to post this, if its not sorry... We have had issues with uneven brake wear on my girlfriends car. I had the wheels off today to check things. On one front wheel, both pads have 10mm left. On the other wheel the inner pad has 9mm and the outer 8mm. Would this variance be considered abnormal wear? The discs and pads were changed less than 10K and about 9-10 months ago. Thanks Rich
  4. New road humps to be used on the roads?

    What happens if they malfunction, happily driving a long doing the speed limit, then the hump inflates to maximum size........
  5. Boring MPV POLL

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] A2!!!! [/ QUOTE ] OK it's big enough for the kid but where are Lodders and the Missus going to sit? (with thanks to ChrisR32!) [/ QUOTE ] You've got it all wrong, thats the single seater special edition. Thats way out of the budget! Rich
  6. Boring MPV POLL

  7. MPV's

    [ QUOTE ] All of the new diesel Chryslers including the Voyager use the Mercedes CDI engine, so you'll have no problems on that front. A friend recently bought a Peugeot 807 for his wife and they couldn't stop throwing 0% finance deals and extras at him. I guess it depends on your criteria - brand, economy, safety - the list is bleedin' endless! [/ QUOTE ] Looking for a 1 year old example and would be paying cash up front. I like the fact the Voyager uses the Merc engine, but still have concerns over the safety. Rich
  8. MPV's

    Ah ha, I just foudn the VW Caravelle under the vans section, not cars. Still you don't seem to get as much spec for more cost. There looks to have been a facelight around the 53 reg plate. Rich
  9. MPV's

    [ QUOTE ] Had you considered looking at a VW transporter? [/ QUOTE ] Yes but can't find too many details on them. Likewise lookign to get an 1 year old example an its not listed on Autotrader to see what they cost....
  10. MPV's

    Thanks for the replies, yeah MPG is a consideration, it would be diesel! I'd say the 2.2 for 807/C8 as the drop in mpg seems hardly anything...saying that its only about another 10 bhp I think! One requirement is that it MUST have rear sliding doors, not normal opening doors, so the likes of the Renault etc are out. I don't like French cars, all French cars I've had in the past have had some sort of major problem, but it does look like its the best choice! Or and the comments on the Fiat, its the same car? The 807/C8 models mentioned above also have the electric sliding doors as standard. The Merc would be top of the list if it had as much spec and wasn't double the price! Rich
  11. MPV's

    Quick post about "Boring Cars". My girlfriends Mum is looking to replace her 806 now its getting long in the tooth. At the moment the shortlist is down to: 807/C8 Voyager/Grand Voyager We all agree the Voyager/Grand Voyager looks better from the outside, but the 807/C8 is better on the inside. Specs (Executive/Exclusive spec vs CRD LX) are pretty much of a much so it comes down to driveability and mainly SAFETY!! Looking at NCAP and other reviews, the Voyagaer does very poor, but this all seems to be on the 98 model. Does anyone know how a 2004 onwards model stacks up? The 807/C8 is a 5 star so at the moment is taking the lead. Cheers Rich
  12. Audi S Line Kit

    A friend is looking to buy wither the A6 3 TDI quatrro or the BM 535d. Does anyone know if you can get the S Line bodykit fitted without actually getting the Sline? He likes the looks but wants a softer suspension. Rich
  13. Glasses Guide Price

    Anyone know what the guide price is for trade in of a 2001 (51 reg) Renault Laguna 2L 16v Intial (sport tourer). It currently has 63k on the clock. Thanks Rich
  14. Which small (yet practical) car for £4k?

    I say convince her the A2 is the best option!!
  15. Diesel Maybach

    I saw that!!! Over 1000NM of torque if I remember correctly???