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  1. Lupo 1.8 Turbo S3 Conversion

    JBS charge £8k for the conversion. You'd need to find your own engine.
  2. Performance filter?

    As your throttle body is still the same size your not going to get any more air into the engine by fitting a filter. either, with or without a remap. Airboxes these days are not restricive in any way. The only real gain you will see from a filter is noise imo.
  3. The kit from JBS? I was wanting one, but no one was intrested in a Lupo group buy so I didnt bother. Not paying full price! Ive not tried the Polo gearbox, but like the feel of the Lupo box, reverse gear has always been a pain unless you are stood completly still before attemoting to select it. Think most VW suffer from this at the moment
  4. I almost joined up with them, so spent the remining couple of weeks on my AOL service calling the customer service number. Didn't get through once All I heard was a recording saying that there was a problem with payments, that should be resolved...blah blah Desided to go with Demon in the end.
  5. [ QUOTE ] It is possible yes [/ QUOTE ] No, it doesn't fit. Its a completly diffrent gearbox. Polo engine needs the polo gearbox unfortunatly
  6. 1.7 sdi to 1.4tdi

    Yes its possable but a little bit of work needed. The engine you have has a cable throttle, and the TDi is flyby wire. You have to take the dash out, and replace the pedel, and fit the flyby wire unit. Not a nice job at all Still, if you deside to do it let me know, I have a pedel and flyby wire that I removed from mine.
  7. Lupo workshop Manual

    There isn't one Im afriad. Only really ELSA, which covers all the VAG range. I did see onw come up for sale on E-Scam yesterday, although I cant comferm it is ELSA. Does list its for the Loop though. The link is in This Thread. Much better than a Haynes Manual if it is Elsa
  8. Hi I have a G5. What is Cliffnet?
  9. Polo / Lupo Forum

    [ QUOTE ] Can anyone help me ive got a lupo and wondering how to fit a sub in the boot? Help! Anyone got any ideas on how im gona be able to fit one in! [/ QUOTE ] Hi mate. The Lupo boot is small, but it is possable Im onto my third install now. The first is a 2cuft ported box, the amps bolted to the boot end of the box. The Second is a 1cuft sealed box. This worked really well, but the only way of doing it is to invert the sub. Make sure your sub hasn't got a noisey vent though, as it used to drive me mad. This is the new build in progress. This is 1.3cuft as the subs taking up some of the airspace. This is defenatly my favourate, as it allows enough room to fit a second battery.
  10. service reset

    This is the Lupo instructions. I do think that the reset is the same on the Polo also.
  11. engine swap

    You didn't make it clear what your Polo has now. If its 1 litre engine, fitting a 1.4 is a straight forward engine swop. My fitters can change a merc sprinter engine in less than a day. If you were doing it yourself for the first time, you could probably get an ELSA diagram for doing the job start to finish. And do the whole thing in a weekend. You can hire an engine lift for a couple of days for less than a Ton. Good luck with it.
  12. Lupo R23

    Heres the motor http://www.mylupo.co.uk/pics/3.jpg Really likeing the wheels. And I was going to bid on those rear lights, but I forgot about them.
  13. BMC Airfilter breather

    Our of the users on Club Lupo called LINCONSHIRELUPOGTI had a part machined that allows the breather to enter back into the filter. This is the only way we have found to stop the smell. The breather filters are of no use. The part only cost a few quid, and other than relocating the filter slightly, not much work was inviolved in fitting this. If you join and pm him, I'm sure he'll give you the number for the company who made the part. Im sure they still have the design.
  14. 14" BBS Wheel help

    lol thats the same sale as before! Ive emailed him..again :shock: Im offering £100 for a good spare, if he desnt say yes the guy must be mad! Thanks for the link mate. Apretiate it