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  1. Bank 1 rich

    clear the fault with vag com use high grade shell otimax 97 octane but check hoses etc might need a new maf but basics first
  2. broken springs on boot latch replacement wont lock ,shut ok
  3. hi any know which are the best ones to replace with thanks paul.
  4. Anybody have a VCDS HEX-USB+CAN Interface in Maryland?

    hi buy yourself a cable from ebay
  5. vag com 10.6

    hi got 10.6 if any one needs a scan in liverpool
  6. Exhaust emission warning lamp on 2004 VW Golf TDI

    get it scanned to find fault paul
  7. VAG-COM user database

    hi got vag com 10.6 based liverpool merseyside paul
  8. dip stick on passat ? oil level

    mine does not show the same one in the manual just a small ball type thing near the top how do i measure it
  9. passat 20v sport low power

    put my foot to floor on the motorway got up t0 4000 revs as acelerator was on the floor whats with the lack of power ?
  10. passat 130 2.0 20v

    engne feels bit underpowered what should i check ?
  11. vag com

    saw an offer from gendan for vag com £199 have tried to use 409 with vista didnt work i have a passat 130 2 v sport s and wish to check a few things out thank Paul any on in Liverpool with Vag Com ?