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  1. TT 17" Competitions

    Set for sale in Aberdeen if anyones interested If anyone wants a better look then they are in Aberdeen! 400 without tyres, 500 with tyres Buyer pays postage Cheers
  2. Hi If anyone knows of a car which has been crashed and is being broken could they drop a note on here or by PM. I know the cars are rare and tha chances of getting an engine are even slimmer but you never know thanks Foz
  3. RS4 & RS6 at Santa Pod

    an extra 50-70bhp will not reduce a 1/4 mile time by half a second, no chance!
  4. R32 For Towing?!?!?

    I have a 406td and am pissed off with and want something sporty Z4 d, you taking the piss
  5. R32 For Towing?!?!?

    I want something thats fun, looks yet i can throw a towbar on it and pull my track car without a problem. Like i said the towing will only be every 2nd weeikend at most so it needs to be good the rest of the time too The evo is a 50k blueprinted engined special and using it to tow a track car is prob a bit mental next for consideration is an M3, can they tow have to say a bit fecked off the R32 doesn't as really quite fancied one
  6. R32 For Towing?!?!?

    I have a friend trying to persuade me his Evo 7 extreme is perfect for the job, it already has a tow bar fitted as he used it to tow his radical lol
  7. R32 For Towing?!?!?

    Cheers folks, although not good news, was fancying an R32 As for a scoob, no thanks, only wagon i would consider is an RS4 and they are a bit too pricy Will look into S3's as well, new S4 would be nice but again a bit too pricy Really cant justify something purely for towing as i already have a road car, track car and autocross car, was hoping to get the stable down to 3, never mind 4
  8. R32 For Towing?!?!?

    Hey cheers for that I have considered an S3 yeah but i have previously had a TT and already done the 1.8t tuning etc, fancy a crack at the V6 Problem seems to be messing about cutting out the rear bumper and i want to be able to take of the hitch and make it so you wouldn't know it had a tow bar on there.. Seems the 4Motion is ok with th tow bar so i am assuming the R32 would be ok as well, wonder why the S3 can pull 1600 yet the R32 only 1400?!? Also wonder if the std/milltek would interfere with the tow bar?! Whats the R32's torque out of interest cheers folks foz
  9. R32 Going Today

    Hey Block i seem to remeber you from my TT days, take it you changed for an R32, how you finding it? Mine was chipped, zorst, koni etc etc see my R32 for towing thread as i am considering going back to VAG is yours modified? foz
  10. R32 For Towing?!?!?

    Cheers Drivetrain can handle a lot more power than the R32 can put down, as for the clutch i am sure it would be ok, would only have to pull it every 2 weeks max... 4wd will be good for pulling out of muddy fields at hillclimbs might call the stealer to see how much the bar costs.. car will obviously get remapped and milltek'd by the way
  11. R32 For Towing?!?!?

    Hi there folks, considering coming back to the VAG stable, previously had a modified TT Now however i need something that will tow my track car- a Throttle bodied stripped & caged Honda S2000 in case anyones interested Car + trailer will prob come in at 1400 odd kg's Now searching the Net a towing limit of 1400kg's is listed in Australia but the VW UK advise the car isn't suitable for towing Has anyone fitted a towbar to an R32, or 4Motion for that matter and if so any issues?!? would want a detacheable one so as not to spoil the lines when not towing.. cheers in advance foz
  12. rs4 vidseo chased by an e46 m3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rs4 driver aint all that clever though! especially if he had a LOT more power than the M3......
  13. TT dual exit exhaust on A3T???

    you can buy my Milltek and have a go