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  1. GTR Plate

    hey i was thinking about getting a private plate for my r33 gtr i was thinking P600 GTR its avalible can some peeps help me with anyothers Josh
  2. reset E36 service lights

    this is what i do when the car wants a service and all you need is this
  3. RS3 testing on the ring

    its just an s3 with a hat and the funny steering wheel
  4. GTR vs 997 GT3 vs M3

    i like when the camera mans head about comes in the nissan bet he could the 0-60 time down apparently its supposed to do 3.5 not 3.8
  5. Speedometer not working at all :(

    take the dash out if you want and look round the back the might be a loose connection somewhere thats what was wrong with mine
  6. de-badge 3 series...?

    the bmw badge has 3 pins pop it off with a tiny screw driver carefully though!