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  1. Audi A3 temp gauge issue

    2002 130 TDI Sport Temp gauge is stuck on 60c so I changed the temp sensor. Gauge is still stuck on 60c. Some people have suggested changing the stat. What exact parts do I need to buy and does anyone have a step by step guide for replacing it? Thanks.
  2. Sticky Throttle

    Here is whats wrong with my car now!!! I have an 02 A3 1.9 TDI 130bhp car that has a problem with the throttle. It went into Audi to replace the dash pod (immobiliser fault) and now the throttle sticks open when it starts. Audi say that the throttle assembly needs replacing and they want to charge stupid money to fix it, so I'm thinking of taking it to my local garage to fix. I have just been reading that it could just be a fault code that needs clearing/resetting, so im going to try that first with my vagcom cable. Has anyone come across this before??
  3. My 02 A3 TDI 130 is in at the main dealers at the moment as it wouldnt start. It would turn but not fire. My first though was immobiliser and this has been confirmed. They are due to replace the dash pod, but they said I might need a new ECU as well with a charge of £1200 on top of the £500 for the Dash pod!!! They said that they wont know if the ECU will need replacing until they have fitted the new dash pod. Obviously there is a chance that after the dash pod replacement I wont even need to get my ECU repaired/replaced, but im not that lucky!!! Now, what im thinking is that I will use one of the many ECU repairers on the internet to repair my ECU rather than lining the dealers pocket Plenty of places have said they can repair/replace my ECU for around the £200 mark. Are there any risks with having an ECU repaired? Also, has anyone come across or needed to replace the dash pod and the ECU as well?? Not sure if the dealers re just trying to pull a fast one!!
  4. Hi, I need to remove my front seats and give them a good clean :mad: Can anyone give me a walkthrough of how to remove them. Many thanks
  5. Hi, I have an 2002 A3 1.9 TDI (130) and I need to change the pads and discs. A local Audi dealer serviced my car last week and they said that the discs were lipped and the pads were worn by 85%. Now im thinking of buying the parts and fitting them myself. Audi wanted the best part of £600 to do it, so im not too keen on spending that!! If its really difficult and a big no no then I will take it to a local non audi garage and get the work done. Cheers Matt