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  1. tyre pressure

    I run 32 psi all round on mine
  2. exhaust s ?

    I had one on my Cooper S and it gained 1 bhp lol... the exhausts aren't bad but they just aren't optimised to the Cooper S. So far I've tested Powerflow, Stock, Borla, Milltek and a OneBall... the best performer was the Borla but it's expensive. The most common on the MINI is the Milltek but some people have had problems but normally fixed under warranty. Your best bet is to get a manifold fitted as this will give far superior gains. The best out there is the Janspeed manifold with high flow cat and its priced from £379. The manifold will give your stock system much more growl without being silly loud and will certainly give more pops and bangs.
  3. Sagging Xenons !

    What ^^ said, this is a common fault on the MINI... a little bit of adjustment by a MINI specialist and job done.
  4. More Power

    Step away from the bluefin! On the one/Cooper it's worth it but on the S, no. It leans out the car which is not a good thing... How can a mod to improve performance actually reduce fuel?!? For more power on the MINI the best way forward is to reduce the size of the supercharger pulley. Your local MINI tuner would be 1320MINI in St Neots... they can offer an Alta V2 Pulley (15% or 17%), supercharger belt NGK Spark Plugs and a health check inc dyno, compression and leakdown for £299 inc fitting and vat. This will be the biggest bang for buck you can make... some cars reach 195 bhp with this mod, you'll defo feel that!