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  1. Boxster or Audi S3

    If you want safety but a volvo Although a chipped S3 will be quicker than a 2.5 in a streight line show it some bends and the box is simply in a different class, it weighs a quarter less which really shows. I had a 225TT which I thought was fast and handled well, but there is just no comparing it to my boxster (admittedly an S). On paper the boxster (2.5/2.7) and S3 (unchpped) are similar 0-60's I felt the TT was slow off the mark due to waiting for the turbos, there is no substitute for a bigger engine. The boxster is a sports car and the TT/S3 are quick saloons that feel like bouncy castles at the side of the box. The boxster has 2 decent sized boots wich true wont compare with a hatchback but are surprisingly large for the kind of car it is. The only real answer is to drive em both. I'm biased
  2. Got my Boxster S (pics)

    The power delivery from the normally asperated engine has to be experienced. I came from an unchipped 225TT and although you dont get that shove in the back from the box what you do get is imediate response. You notice pulling out of junctions just how much lag the Audis have. First time I had one at the side of me at the lights, the guy nailed it trying so hard, it seemed effortless reducing him to a spec in my rearview mirror. I really enjoyed owning my TT (appart from the unreliability) and although I enjoyed the 4WD solidness, the rear drive box is infinately more fun
  3. Got my Boxster S (pics)

    [ QUOTE ] with the new model approaching i wonder if values are going to dip suddenly? [/ QUOTE ] Because Porsche updates are evolutionary not revalutionary their effect on older models is not as severe as with other manufacturers. Just look at the prices of the original boxster and 993's.
  4. Freshly scrubbed up 550

    Didn't bother me as I didn't fancy the green tint with the brown hood anway
  5. Freshly scrubbed up 550

    green grad tint was also a cost option on the 550
  6. OKO Puncture free

    I saw a dem of this at the show and was quite impressed although the guy on the porsche stand said the usual 'its not a porsche product' Basicaly you squeeze a specified amount (tyre size related) into your tyres and it remains liquid and due to centribugle (spelling) force when in motion a thin even layer is around the tread area of your tyre. If you get a puncture the liquid fills the hole and set immediately repairing the puncture as it happens, with no real loss of pressure. It is high speed rated. The thing is a puncture at speed is a dangerous thing and this could save something nasty and costly happening.
  7. Freshly scrubbed up 550

    Try this You have to be a registered member to view (which I think you are anyway?)
  8. Freshly scrubbed up 550

    Try some mc2 on your wheels, just spray on and jet off for shiny wheels and its not corrosive. Just makes it easier to keep em from getting ruined with brake dust. Group buy here
  9. Freshly scrubbed up 550

    Love my 550 too! Its the only car I have owned that I enjoy cleaning as its just another excuse to oggle it I have Bose, autochanger and cruise control and paid about 43k. Enjoy your new car, we are
  10. New Boxster Order - Leeds

    Swapster, welcome and enjoy your Porsche!
  11. More Power Pls

    [ QUOTE ] why make a special edition look like a standard S? [/ QUOTE ] Couldn't agree more, there are people out there with black hood/interior and unpainted carerras, there is only the GT Silver to tell it appart and IMO silver is silver although GT silver is best of course
  12. My 550

    I havent really taken any with the hood up except this one. On the speed front although only 1 second quicker than my TT on paper the cars are eons appart, I find myself cruising down a road then looking at the speedo to find I'm way faster than when I was trying in the TT - glad I have the b2 + LRC100 combo! I know Adam WILL shoot me down in flames for this next bit 550 feels much more resposive than the S's I testdrove. My car was picked up by the opc for some work doing (leak) and the person who brought it back said they hadn't driven a 550 before and was surprised to find it noticably quicker than a standard S, tickling my ears? ADAM, FLAMESUIT NOW ON (edited to show pic)
  13. My 550

    Ok here is a pic of the brown interior (edited to show pic)
  14. My 550

    Are they off again?
  15. My 550

    Thanks guys