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  1. Suspension woes

    Hell I haven't been on for a while. Funny you should mention suspension problems as I'm off to Star Performance in Kirkcaldy on Sat to have my KW variant 1 adn KW rear control arms fitted. I really struggled to find anyone in the highlands that I was prepared to let loose on my car. For servicing I have heard good things about Kenny's Autos in Inverness think he is a VAG specialist. So he might be worth a try. I live up in Wick and there are 2 other MKIV .:R32s up here 1 Black and the other Silver. Another good resource for R32 info is R32OC | VW Golf R32 Owners Club or uk-mkivs Cheers Alan
  2. MkIV Suspension advice

    I used to be the only one North of Inverness but there is now a black and a silver one. Jim said he would only drop it 25mm but it can go lower with the coilover kit.
  3. MkIV Suspension advice

    The set is going to cost about £670 and Jim has said fitting will be about £180 but I'm also getting the adjustable rear tie arms to keep the geometry right and they are about £190. Well that is what he told me on the phone. Alan
  4. MkIV Suspension advice

    KW Variant 1s are a coilover suspension kit KW Suspension coilover variant 1.
  5. MkIV Suspension advice

    well I've got myself booked into Star Performance to get KW variant 1s with KW adjustable tie arms. More than I wanted to spend but there doesn't seem to be that many options
  6. MkIV Suspension advice

    hey all, it's been a while but thought some of you may be able to help out. Had the car serviced recently and VW have told me that my 2 front shocks are leaking and the 2 rear springs are split. They want over £400 for parts alone. So what are my options, I don't want to spend loads and I'm not sure I want to go for coilovers. I want to keep it simple so just shocks and springs really. Struggling to find anything though. Thought Koni would have a kit but it doesn't seem so. Will I need adjustable rear arms if the car is going to be any lower? Should I replace anything else while I'm at it? cheers
  7. ECT sensor replacement guide

    update pic links ok since I've done it here is my thoughts 1st this is the location of the sensor, middle of the pic 2nd close up of location 3rd this is the variable inlet thingymagig which you should remove to ease access, it has 2 torx30 screws 4th remove the white ball clip from the shaft then pull gently 5th here you can see the sensor and it's plug with the c-clip, use a flat headed screwdriver to gently prise the clip up. Be careful you don't drop the clip into the engine bay 6th out with the old and in with the new, I removed the old sensor still attached to the plug, make sure you remove the old oring. I jacked up the front of the car to try to stem the flow of coolant so all you need to do now is replace the c-clip, refit the plug, refit the variable inlet thing, top up the coolant and away you go......................hopefully. disclaimer......I will not be held responsible for any damage done to your car using this process. This was the process I used and it worked for me it may not for you.
  8. My timing chain broke today

    depends really, if they are replacing the head and valves that should be the worst of it. Pistons may have been damaged but they should see this when they take the head off
  9. Tarox 6 Pot Brake Kit

    looks the part, thats for sure
  10. fabia vrs nearly beat me

    Had a similar incident with one, he wanted to take me on, went flying past me then slowed right down as we went through a village. Got to the thirty signs and I knew it was coming, he floored it and I was right behind him, he pulled away slightly as I was in third. Couldn't make much on him but was closing on him slowly but surely. I lifted before we got to really silly speeds. Very impressed with them and as has been said they weigh next to f all
  11. Wombats

    [ QUOTE ] Exhaust emission light comes on - off to the dealers and they charge me £50.23 for the diagnostic. Its the coolant temp sensor, to be fixed in due course. They packed (?) the exhaust heat shield which was rattling FOC, washed it (not requested) and carried out an express visual check. Quite reasonable methinks UNTIL I read the visual check report. Tyre pressure all round is apparently 30 (it isnt - I do them myself; the rears are less than the front and one of the rears has a slow leak). Tread depths are 5 front and 6 rear - they arent - these have done 22,000 miles. Some doubts about the reliability of the report creep in. Then I see they measured 8mm tread depth on the spare.... [/ QUOTE ] The temp sensor is a relatively easy DIY fix
  12. Stage 2 Supercharger Advice

    A used but looked after supercharger kit sounds pretty tempting to me. I'm toying with the idea of going FI on mine either that I trade the car in for something a bit more special
  13. Short Shift kits

    From what I have read the Neuspeed, EIP etc only reduce the length of the throw and not the side to side, whereas the Diesel Geek does both, is this correct?
  14. Short Shift kits

    cheers for the info mjcb, will keep the weight thing in mind. The other thing I was thinking of taking back was a CAI from EIP (maybe) No one out there with a Diesel Geek. I really quite like the look of them
  15. Short Shift kits

    I'm going to the States in December and am hoping to take back a few goodies. One being a short shift kit for my MkIV R32. I'm thinking Diesel Geek, EIP or Neuspeed. What are you lot running and what are your experiences with DIY fitting etc. Anyone got any other ideas for suitcase sized stuff I can take back with me?