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  1. Help !!!! Key Programming

    Hi, I bought a new transponder and managed to swap the blades. Tried to program the key and for the first time it worked!! I could not beleive how simple it was of course when u have the right equipment ;-) I am not an expert but if anyone needs help (Uxbridge area), contact me, I hope I can help. many thanks to shark_90 and mb
  2. Help !!!! Key Programming

    I bought a new transponder with new blade from ebay, I made sure that it is new and unprogrammed, when it comes I am planing to try again! (I hope it works this time). I am planing to switch the blade that I have already cut, it looks tricky, (any advise on how to switch the blade over, is it fairly easy?).
  3. Help !!!! Key Programming

    google maps says 21 miles from Uxbridge to Middlands!!! It might be wrong? Anyone near West London (Uxbridge) who uses Vagcom can help me program the key please? many thanks
  4. Help !!!! Key Programming

    Google Maps It says (21 Miles) If that is the case it is doable unless I am completely looking at the wrong place? If I am to buy vagcom which version will I need and would you help me program the key?
  5. Help !!!! Key Programming

    I am in west London (Uxbridge) Thanks
  6. Help !!!! Key Programming

    Thank you shark_90 for your reply, When I bought the key it came blank and I had to cut it to fit my car, should I then assume that the transponder is new (please forgive my ignorance). Also I am not sure If I am coding the key in the correct way using vag tacho? at the final stage of programing tacho asks me to disconnect, turn the ignition off and back on with new key and wait five seconds. I do this but the key does not code?? Has anyone done this before?
  7. Help !!!! Key Programming

    Hi everyone, I bought a 53 TDI 130 passat with only 1 key, so as precaution I bought a key with same code and frequency from ebay, I got it cut and programmed the remote control locking successfully. I have also bought VAG tacho I obtained the PIN code fine BUT when I follow the steps to code the key It does not code (immobilizer light on and the engine turns off after start). Is it possible to code a used key to my immo? I dont know what type of immo I have but seems to be immo3 "NOT SURE" any help will be very appreciated. thanks