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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone knows if a double din unit would fit in my 02 plate civic type r? I was looking at some in halfords and the salesman in there told me they dont fit but ive measured the opening and its more than big enough. Im sure ive seen one in a picture fitted in a type r but that was a while ago. Anyhelp would be great sorry if its sounds a simple question but im not very clued up with this type of stuff cheers.
  2. Standard Air Filter

    Thanks for the tip mate will give that ago cheers.
  3. Standard Air Filter

    Hi just got myself a nice civic type r ep3 in red lovely car only problem is the guy who had the car before me fitted a big cone performance filter on it. Now dont get me wrong its sounds awesome when i hit 6000rpm but ive had the car 4 months and im about ready to put a standard filter back on. I guess when your 18 you dont tire of it but im 30 years old now travel alot in the car and when im sat at 70-80mph its growling abit. Does anyone know where i could get hold of a second hand air filter with fitting pipes and brackets? Ive looked on ebay and rang loads of breakers but no look im reluctant to pay £170 at honda for a new one. Anyhelp much appriciated.