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  1. Windscreen Washer!

    Lol! Thanks eldavo69! It was late when I posted that! Yes she's full to the brim with the H2O! plus a dash of the auld VW screen wash!!!! Cleaned the water jets too!!! Just got it services and they found a minor fault on the switch when they plugged in the laptop! They want €80 for the part plus labour!!! I think I might chance it myself! might have to take the Steering wheel off!!! air bag might deploy!!!!
  2. Windscreen Washer!

    Hey I've a issue with my windscreen washer when I pull the wiper arm back the rear window wiper comes on!!! and no water comes out! It was intermittent! buy it;s happening every time now!! I say its just a relay or switch! Has anyone changed one out??? is there much to it?
  3. Intermittent Windscreen Washer

    Thanks for the feedback Tarmac! Did a bit more fault finding on the issue myself, when the washer arm is pulled its like there is no power suppling the pump but when pushed forward the rear pump works, maybe a micro switch on the jets, and cuts the power to the pump! the wipers work fine!!!! Aaaagh:mad:
  4. Seems a good price! Better than across the water, I've got a price of €345 for a 60k km service including a brake fluid change and €210 for a Gear box service!!! So I'm looking @ €555 in total!!! Main dealer!
  5. Hey, Has anyone had this issue? My window washer is working intermittently one day its fine the next nothing??? Washer bottle is full!!! Is there a sensor or something? Or is my car concerned about water conservation :roflmao: Cheers
  6. Mk v Electric windows

    yeah that's a pain in the ass, so I bought a set of wind deflectors G3 got em for €39 very happy with them!
  7. Mk v Electric windows

    Cheers Carnell! It worked fine this morning! So yeah maybe some dirt! Sweet
  8. Mk v Electric windows

    Hi, I have a problem with my driver side passanger window switch it's not working! The passanger side switch works fine up and down, Not a bother!!! Door switch is fine clicks like the others!!! Has anyone got any ideas? is there a controller or a fuse??? Cheers Fab 5
  9. Mk 5 Sunroof retrofit

    Hi, Has anyone preformed a sunroof retrofit install? Is there loom fitted in the roof for the controlls?? Cheers Fab 5