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  1. As shown here: £250 + Delivery
  2. VW Golf GTI Clubsport S lapped the 'Ring @ 06:47:19

    Mine arrived yesterday!
  3. Golf GTI Edition 40 - 261bhp

    I am lucky enough to have a Golf R as a company car also!
  4. Golf GTI Edition 40 - 261bhp

    Should be here this month!
  5. New Car Time

    Send me some details before it goes to dealer and price!
  6. New Car Time

    Have you sold or px'd the M3 yet?
  7. wanted S3 8P Alloy

    Send me a message mate, I'll see what I can do!
  8. Advice on an older A4 Quattro...

    Pm me a price on the Porsche!
  9. Maybach Review

    Out of curiosity, what's the Maybach worth now with 165k on?
  10. Latest toy

    Thanks, Handling is fine on track, bit twitchy on the road, however didn't build it for road use really, just wanted to use it on the road if I felt like it!
  11. Latest toy

    Car made 500.4 at the wheels on Dyno, this was on VPower only, too scared at the moment to try 20% Methanol mix! Engine spec: Fully Forged 2.5 with Head mods Rotated Turbo Rotated Inlet manifold Garrett GT35 Turbo 6 Speed Gearbox Syvecs ECU
  12. Latest toy

    My latest project which started last september Now starting to put this back together: Few jobs to do yet: Finish Install all wiring looms Order fuel tank/install fuel system Decide whether to go flat bootfloor Fit new seats/harnesses Fit Turbo Install Syvecs General tidy up of Paintwork, started OS already. Some current pics: STI 5 Spoiler and Bootlid painted and waiting to be fitted: Wiring loom and Heater box Re-fitted: XXR530 ET20's fitted: Previous build thread here: Race Car Build - DIY Style - Page 18 Front end loosely mocked up now: Off Axle stands too: Few Updates: Jobs Completed: Both ARB's repainted and fitted with Whiteline Droplinks Spare wheel cut out and replaced with Flat sheet of composite. Turbo Fitted Intercooler Pipes fitted Some engine bay tidying up of wiring Heater Matrix connected. Thanks to CJ for coming over today to help despite the poor weather conditions. At Bodyshop: Firewall installed, few bits tidied also. Alignment done. Had a few teething problems, but hopefully ironed most out now: Few later pics: Few updates after Daz moaned that i am no good at updating project threads! Had a few issues with cooling, didnt feelnthe fans on it were up to much, so replaced them with 2 12" Pacets, now you can actually hear them working! Changed rad too as that was leaking at the seam by the endtanks: Put it back together just in time for Blyton Sprint, and trailered it up there to its birthplace! Lol. Daz very kindly let me store it at his the night before. At Blyton had some issues with coolant temp again, Daz attended with me and was a great help during the day, thanks Daz. We decided to change the aftermarket Header Tank on it back to an OEM one and try from there, a quick trip to Dazs saw one removed from my old JDM widetrack, back at track was re-fitted then went out again, found water temp to be sorted! Some pics from the day: Finally after a few teething problems, met Simon JGM at SVA Imports today to finalise the map on the car. Big thanks to Simon for his patience over the past few months, even going out of his way and doing some interesting late night mapping sessions. Thanks again Simon. Few other changes have been made since last update with the addition of Carbon Door Trims front and rear, New flocked dash etc. Will take some pics at the weekend and update.
  13. Probably a coil pack at best case scenario. 1.2's are also prone to valve seats wearing and causing low compression, but my guess is Coil pack. They are about £30 for Genuine.
  14. IPhone 4 16Gb x 2

    Used for less than a year, on O2, not sure if locked though as were purchased on business contract. Bot in top condition.