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  1. wiper problems

    I have a golf 2003 gt gti diesel when i put my winscreen wipers on they only come on 30 to 60 seconds after .if you turn them of you have to wait again . Could it be a relay if so which one or could it be the windscreen motor.
  2. alarm problems

    Hi can anyone help ,i have a golf 2003 150gti diesel the problem is every time i lock the car with the key fob or key the alarm goes of and you can not turn it off.it also blows a fuse i disconected the main car battery the alarm stills goes off,when the alarm goes off it resets itself and does this 5 to 6 times and stays off untill you try and lock the car .:(
  3. Dianostic port

    cheers mate you were right,thanks for your help i would never had found the port or the small panel many thanks
  4. Dianostic port

    Thanks for the advice, under my climate control i have the gear console ,i have took the console out but i did not see the port ,i dont have the plastic cover you are talking about ,perhaps you can explain cheers
  5. Dianostic port

    Can anyone please help i am trying to find my dianostic port ,i have a golf gti diesel 150bhp 2003 . I have looked under the climate control,glove box ,fuse box .