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  1. Hi All, I am considering getting a second hand car possibly VW brand. I am looking to possibly get an Estate (space for younr kids and stuff) and I'm considering 1999 Passat 1.9 SE TDI estate (any info on earlier car will be good too) 1999 or earlier Golf TDI Estate (ditto) For this age cars - which do you recomend - fuel consumption and reliability are important to me as I plan on taking my choice car on long trips through Europe also - I am not big on aesthetics - a reliable work horse is what I am looking for. Also, Are there any year build gliches I need to be aware of for these age car ? Any typical types of problems that turn up for this type car ? Thanks for any help with this - I admit I am a bit of a car newbie as far as cars go - but my family was always into VW brand of cars and so the strong inclination. I am considering other brand cars too and I'm looking for the long tem deal. Regards, Tuka