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  1. 1 other thing i forgot. Buying this car privately. Why would VW deny a goodwill gesture when the car had a FULL VW service history, i always believed that counted for something. Plus the dealer network is benefiting from my custom! PS we cannot always afford the luxury of buying and selling our cars via a VW dealer/network... you can loose thousands
  2. yes... serviced was with VW. I will look for an independent specialist. Am i right in thinking that this is the same 3.0 TDI's used in the Toureg's and Audi's. in response to contradicting myself. I fully understand that i have exceeded the warranty period and i may expect the same from other manufacturers. But on a £46K car (supposedly the flagship model and over engineered) you not expecting to pick up 2k bills every year for major component failures (i accept general wear and tear) but this car has been serviced by VW dealer.... its not driven hard. So what am i doing wrong, it is either 1 of 3 things: 1. the VW servicing was not up to standard (should the customer pay twice, a goodwill gesture to make amends for any poor workmanship) 2. the Actuator/Turbo on these cars can have an expected useful life of 100,000 miles (it may do more but don't expect it!!!). Therefore is a heads-up to others that might consider buying a model with this engine.. VW will consider any goodwill so you run a gamble and should build this factor into your considerations 3. a key engine component failed in an unacceptable mileage/timeframe. if this was the case then VW should step up and make a goodwill gesture. conclusion.... since VW are not offering any goodwill then it must be 2 above. My expectations were that engine would do 250K but don't hold your breath. Anyone considering this should factor in a repair bill when purchasing this car. min £1500 per year or every 10K miles. please don't get me wrong.... this is a beautiful car. i love it. BUT the frequency and the significant cost for key components failure is very prohibitive. VW don't stand behind their products so be prepared for some BIG BIG repair bills.
  3. Thanks for the info. I have a phaeton 3.0 TDI... its 4yrs 5 months old with full and complete VW service history. Its now covered 102,000 miles. I played safe and changed the service interval to yearly (approximately every 10,000 miles in the last 2 year) I also did not wish any major bills and had the auto gearbox oil changed 20,000 miles ahead of schedule. Since owning the vehicle over the last 2 years I have had several problems. 1. The boot mechanism failed ---- it punctured through the boot lining and cracked the rear window. the car was 2 months over the 3 year warranty. VW agreed to pay for the parts but i had to pay for the labor costs. 2. The power steering pump went ..... £900 pound bill... ouch!! 3. Now the engine management system has reported a problem. Took for VW diagnostics.... the Turbo is seizing. Its the actuator BUT since the turbo + actuator are 1 unit the whole thing needs replacing £1700. ;-((((( (PS is this a design flaw, combing the actuator and turbo in 1 unit?) I contacted VW regarding a goodwill gesture but was informed that since I had purchased the car privately (i.e out with the VW network) and it had done >100,000 miles that i was getting ZERO. I was puzzled, i had imagined that the Phaetons mechanics would have been bomb proof as it had FULL VW service (i.e likewise i was expecting 250,000 miles without key components failure) So what should i read into this.... that VW only standby there engine technology up to 100,000 miles or is it 60,000 a VW service history is no assurance that only second-hand purchases through a dealer network are applicable for goodwill To say that i'm disappointed is putting it mildly... this was my 5th VW in 15 years (and the only 1 purchased second hand/privately). And i was in the process of buying a new 1 I'm going to have to take this on the chin... but i would like others to be warned. VW may make lovely cars but BMW and Mercedes standby there engine technology and offer unlimited mileage (within the first 3 years). Goodwill goes in both directions. PS if anyone has any words of wisdom please let me know before my wallet gets robbed. Many thanks
  4. What would be the minimum mileage you would expect from a 3.0 TDI engine in the phaeton? Assuming full VW service history allowing for general wear and tear on consumable parts that are replaced at appropriate intervals. The vehicle would be driven in normal conditions!!! I realize that is an open question but I'm trying to determine what would be realistic mileage before something major fails.