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  1. quadlock A nice MK2 RNSE looks awesome in the dash btw Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Mmi keeps cutting out audi a6

    The MMI fitted, the year of the car, how and when does it happen is all needed Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. Parking sensor query

    On my MMI 2G you can turn it off. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. Audi Music Interface for RNS-E - For Sale!

    provisionally sold pending payment
  5. Audi Music Interface for RNS-E - For Sale!

    Never got it Craig ... could you try again?
  6. Bought this for my A3 a few months ago, brand new from Kufatec Never got round to fitting it so it sat in my garage taking up space. Its the full-fat iPod interface - it displays tracknames, charges iPod/iPhone and is controllable thru the DIS or the RNS-E itself. Comes With - - Plug 'n' play wiring loom - Ami to USB cable - Ami to iPod/iPhone cable - Ami unit It will work with any Mk2 RNS-E which has a MEDIA button. So any car that has a MK2 fitted, various Audi's old and new, Seat Exeo. Payment via PayPal gift, you pay the fees. Price - £235 delivered which is cheaper than the ones currently on eBay Will be delivered RM 1st Class Recorded for peace of mind. Remember this is BRAND NEW so save yourself a fair few £££ Item is 100% working order and in excellent condition as you would expect. Advertised elsewhere so I have the right to close this thread early etc etc.
  7. changing sarter motor

    The engine would help
  8. D3 Folding mirror query.

    Not without wiring changes so just use the mirror control knob to fold them
  9. 20" 5 arm rotor alloys - damage

    How and by who were they damaged? On a new car like that I'd be getting them done as they were outta the factory IMO.
  10. My mate's VW Golf

    I smell BS
  11. A6 Allroad radio/satnav

    It would be good to know which system were talking about here. RNSE, MMI 2G 3G?????
  12. Sat nav

    eBay for genuine discs.