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  1. Exactly! It's amazing the number of times people just click "ok" to the message box when they login without realising the consequences of what they've just agreed to.
  2. If push comes to shove, nothing is really "private" when using company assets.
  3. B7 Change 12v socket to ignition switched

    Don't use the cigarette lighter socket. I used to have a road angel type of thingy in my B7 but I bought a cigarette lighter socket from the high street and wired it in to the Drivers side fuse panel then tapped off one of the switched supplies. Sorry I can't remember which fuse but using a DVM you should be able to find it easily enough. As long as you don't mind having the TomTom next to the offside "A" pillar it looks nice and neat with no trailing cables anywhere.
  4. A6 Fuel Economy

    Ok here's my experience so far. I recently had to do a return trip from Plymouth to Brockworth, Gloucester and thought I'd test the consumption and ACC on my 3.0 Avant. I filled up at the local Tesco and the trip said I had 620 miles range so off I went and set the ACC to 70. I wasn't in a hurry so wasn't too bothered about the speed, it did get mildly annoying when people would pull in right in front of you and the system would slow you down but I persevered. 2 hours 15 minutes later at Junction 11A on the M5 the trip said I had 645 miles range and I had an average for the trip of 49.5mpg - I was pretty impressed. For the return I set the ACC to 75 and still managed to get 47.3mpg. I know the trip isn't 100% accurate but still....I was happy. So, IMHO you can get good results but you have to weigh it up against your normal driving style and whether or not you mind being overtaken all the time by near enough everything bar HGV's.
  5. A6 avant fuel economy

    Just checked again on the way home tonight and thought I'd better qualify my earlier claim. The car was reading 40.9 by the time I got home but when I started the journey it was only 32.1, bear in mind these are both average figures so it's not all bad.
  6. A6 avant fuel economy

    Mine's a manual 59 plate, dunno if that makes a big difference but I did hear that the auto is a bit more thirsty.
  7. A6 avant fuel economy

    I've got the 3.0 Quattro Avant and regularly get 40 - 42 MPG on my 12 mile A Road commute, I did manage 47 MPG on a recent trip up the M5 but I did keep it at 75. I was unlucky enough to have to use Audi Assist last year due to my water pump dying and they gave me a 2.0 saloon which struggled to get more than 35 MPG.
  8. New a6 allroad 3.0 diesel - water pump failure!

    Dunno about 7-10 days average.... My A6 was recovered to the dealer on 30th November and I'm still waiting, I'm sure the recent weather has been a factor in re-supply but even so, it's been nearly 6 weeks! Arghhh!
  9. Anyone got auto-dimming door mirrors?

    You'll also need deep pockets! IIRC the glass is extremely expensive, in excess of £150 each. I looked at doing this on mine as I've got the auto dimming RVM as a factory fit and I noticed I already had the wiring within my mirror housing. I didn't bother when I found out the price.
  10. Retrofit electric folding mirrors

    No idea I'm afraid but I can tell you that they don't actually "Auto Fold". You still have to switch them in and out from the control on the door switch. It's a pity that they don't swing in and out with the door locking/unlocking.
  11. stereo removal keys needed - south west

    Sounds expensive. I think I'll make do with it the way it is. Cheers.
  12. stereo removal keys needed - south west

    Craig, Since I replaced my Concert II+ with the RNS-E I get the following error. 1 Fault Found: 00858 - Connection; Radio ZF Output to Antenna Amplifier 007 - Short to Ground Is that related to your comments above? Can it be resolved? It all works ok it's just annoying to see the error in Vag-Com all the time. TIA.
  13. Advice Please - How much is this worth

    Good link and lots of info, thanks.
  14. Advice Please - How much is this worth

    Thanks for that. I'm going to go and have a look at it this morning so I'll find out more about its history and spec. It's been a while since I've haggled for a second hand car so I wanted to find out a rough idea before I went. Thanks. BTW, does it still place you in a good position (as a buyer) if you can pay cash and have nothing to part exchange?