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  1. The MK1 golf owners club is holding its biggest and best show yet, 2009 see's 35years of the Golf and we'd like to invite all dubbers along to help us celebrate it. The club would like to invite you and your club along to the show and offer space for you to have you own club display area. We're proud to announce that the date and venue is now confirmed for the 2009 AGM and Club Show along with prices and advanced booking options for everyone We hope to see you ALL there to help us celebrate 35yrs of the MK1 Golf Ticket prices are as follows: Saturday - £7.50 Sunday - £12.50 Weekend Camping (Friday and Saturday nights) - £20 Please note entrance fees are per car MK1 Golf Owners Club members will receive a 20% discount off all entrance fees There will be a raffle held on the Sunday after the main event with numerous prizes, details to be listed soon, everyone who arrives in a mk1 golf will be given a strip of raffle tickets upon entry and will also have the opportunity to purchase more throughout the weekend. To book your tickets please visit the website The Mk1 Golf Owners' Club Annual Gathering 2009! Members of the mk1 owners club you will need to visit the thread in Club Business section for your promotion code for the discount. For either a trade stand or more details please contact the booking department by email at
  2. Polo GTi Wheels

    Does anybody know of any good wheel referb places in the Bracknell area? or costs to get GTi BBS done.
  3. What is the best car you've ever owned?

    Would have to be my old Mk1 Golf GTI
  4. Remap advice

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] mrkgti is your wife's car Blue and do you have a Mk1 GTi as well? [/ QUOTE ] Yep, don't talk about the MK1 moneypit!! [/ QUOTE ] Well I live around the corner then
  5. Remap advice

    [ QUOTE ] AMD,s remap is invisable to dealers, im having my mk5 GTi remap this weekend at AMD. My wifes R32 has been re-mapped by AMD & has had warranty work carried out by VW without a problem. [/ QUOTE ] mrkgti is your wife's car Blue and do you have a Mk1 GTi as well?
  6. mk4 golf 1.8T cam belt

    On A3's 1.8T it 80k miles I think.
  7. mk1 GTi Buyers Guide?

    Have a look here Mk1 Golf
  8. Imobiliser

    Some times the car won't start and the imobiliser light keeps flashing. I thought that there could be a lose wire somewhere
  9. Imobiliser

    Does any know where the imobiliser is located in the dash?
  10. Windsor Meet - Wednesday 30th March

    I should make this one. Will anybody have VAG-COM with them?
  11. 1.8T MPG

    I'm getting 30.2 mpg
  12. GTi High level brake light

    Got the brake light off but how do you undo the electrical connector?