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  1. slight hesitation when pulling away

    I get this every now and then mate, think it's fairly common to be honest...doesn't do it when I pull away fast though
  2. Hi people, posted this in the type r forums and have had many different responses...basically could be anything from heatshields to gearbox bearings to clutch to a trapped Wookie in my engine! So I thought it wouldn't hurt to let you guys have a go at diagnosis! Ok, so new car, new waves of paranoia! Have this kind of metallic/rubbing noise (hard to describe really) when pulling away and I think from reading some posts on here that it might be one of the heat shields... ...Only thing is that it is only there when pulling away at low revs, and goes away once the car is warmed up? Oh yeah, and it doesn't do it when I just rev the engine in neutral. Other thing is that I seem to have this constant high pitched whiney noise - sort of like a supercharger or turbo sound (which I think sounds pretty cool btw) but I need to know this is normal, just assumed that it was noise these tuned engines make? - (Apparently this is just induction noise?) Appreciate any comment/suggestions! Thanks! P.s. First time on some twisty roads last night and my god I have never experienced grip like it!!!