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  1. Catalunya trip

    Looks fun!
  2. Photo of your bike ...

    Thought it would be good to get a general thread with all the nice bikes we have (had) in one place Get posting ladies and gents
  3. How to get rid of a sh!t heap of a car?

    And poof he appears You'd be right in that I've only experienced Series III beasts but from your agricultural description you've probably hit the pricing on the head for a fix. As others have said for "ease" I'd stick it on ebay and try and promote it best you can on landrover esq forums, alternatively give your local scrap vehicle company a call, I managed to get £200 for an old laguna which I killed (something engine related went very "bang", think seized water pump/head/piston issue but even so got a what I thought was a good price for it considering I doubt anyone would of bought it, being really old, v high mileage and non driveable. Good luck
  4. Matt Black Wheels?

    That any good?
  5. Hamilton to leave McLaren?

    Also on Twitter: "McLaren spokesperson on BBC Lewis to Mercedes story: "We have been told by Lewis Hamilton's management team that the story is untrue." #F1"
  6. Interesting thread, just recently back from America and now in proper weight loss mode after the 3 cooked meals a day I've been enjoying for the last 2 weeks. Cycling and running are the main events of the day with a few circuits inside before bed. As much as I try I'm not a morning person so it's usually straight after work for me and cutting out developer food
  7. New car ordered - time for a Merc sub-forum?

    Nice one Bazza, having played in an SLR I know you're going to get seriously addicted to the noise! Looking at doing the AMG day at Brooklands soon to get another fix
  8. Apple OSX Mountain Lion

    System Preferences -> iCloud -> documents & data needs to be on and then on your i device Settings > iCloud -> Documents & data on and finally make sure you have enough space!
  9. Car rental thoughts in USA...

    Very useful Bazza as I'm a DES when we go out to Vegas for 2 weeks in August, planning a drive to LA and we have Avis to play with the whole time with a billion air miles to use thanks to heavy spending on Apple products for the company :D any more info appreciated
  10. Cracking Photos

    Take a good photo, and run it through this VirtualRig™ Studio - Realistic motion blur simulation for traditional photography and CGI or know how to use good HDR techniques as these shot's aren't blurred
  11. I have an issue with BT Broadband, fixed IP's a Cisco Firewall which seems to have stopped working and SBS 2008 I'm struggling with
  12. Any network guys about?

    Got an example Chrisan?
  13. Any network guys about?

    This should be a good replacement right? Cisco ASA 5505 Appliance With 50 User Bundle (ASA550550BUNK9) - dabs.com
  14. Any network guys about?

    Just coming back to it now really, had a look at Cisco ASA router at the weekend, will get one of those ordered in this week providing I'm allowed to spend more money on kit (2 HD's down and £800 data recovery charge already this last week!). So currently just setup on dynamic IP from BT and SBS 2008 being the DHCP as it wants to be with no hardwire firewall. Ideally would like to get the fixed IP's working again so I can access the external servers do some updates but everything I've tried so far to make that happen hasn't worked so might not be able to do anything till a new hardwire firewall is in place to take a fixed IP.... Suggestions welcome
  15. Any network guys about?

    Are you running SBS 2008 Hopsta?
  16. Any network guys about?

    Problem is, we were running SBS 2003 when the 2 drives in Raid 5 died. Cisco Firewall has now died and won't turn on so no chance of a PIX config. Had an SBS 2008 box up and ready with data backup which is hooked up directly to the BT Business Hub router but our fixed IP which was on the Cisco firewall is obviously now not in use with the current temporary setup. I want to enable the fixed IP asap so we can connect to other external machines (IP rules locking us out) and get a VPN back up and running so is it possible with current SBS 2008 setup and the BT Business Hub or do I have to wait until another firewall is delivered? SBS 2008 seems to prefer only having one NIC so not sure on setup with Firewall either as SBS 2003 had 2 NICS so wondering if this will be a problem?
  17. Bikes 'n bus lanes

    Interesting, any more info on this?
  18. Marco Simoncelli horror crash

    Nice video about SuperSic from After The Flat Ciao SuperSic #58
  19. Out Monday, seems to reveal a lot from initial reporting. Anyone getting a copy?
  20. Casey Stoner MotoGP World Champion

    Can't wait to see what happens next season, Honda should do well as the bike is good this year, even with a new engine. Yamaha, well they could be great again but I suspect not so, hoping Suzuki continue to develop and improve maybe even with two bikes and obviously interesting to see if Ducati can do anything other than spend a lot of money without the results
  21. The Biali boys are thinking of meeting up one evening towards the end of this month to do some runs at legal speeds but in first/second gear through the new Hindhead tunnel, with a bite to eat and natter at a local. Anyone else interested in burning some fuel for no real reason other than to enjoy echo's? More the merrier
  22. Manx fireball crash

    Don't think I'd be able to carry on after witnessing that either, given the speed and that it looks wet I'd probably take a while to slow down though. Did well to avoid the rider.
  23. Venue: The Churchillian near Portsmouth {not Portsouth as per title } or if you prefer ... All welcome as ever
  24. Seeing as other forums are doing it, and the Lupo / Polo forum is picking up, lets see your motors. Most have probably seen mine but here goes again, lets have everyone joining in now so get your cameras out
  25. iMac is bigger better?

    Make sure you get AppleCare on the 27" we've had every one of ours at work go back each year for new screen, graphics card and logic board 2 years running now. Quality is not what it used to be with Apple it would appear