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  1. Polo GTi clutch heavy

    Clutch doesnt have to slip to be worn. Release springs on clutch cover become heavier over time leading to increased pedal pressure on clutch pedal. Replacement clutch ( complete ) will free up your right foot............... Im still a shanks also, bothered nah.
  2. Best price for new GTI?

    Go for a demo. No vat !
  3. Quick question re: Petrol in Diesel

    Vehicle not started just drain tank down.Problems occur in future if vehicle is started which may lead to premature pump failure.Expensive........ouch.
  4. Turbo cutting out

    Very true ! Unless the vehicle was owned by a little old lady and driven by Ford mechanics. Previous advice given by cruiser is good................
  5. Steering lock problem

    update on steering lock. All ok Nov 09.
  6. Steering lock problem

    Update on steering lock. All ok october 2009.
  7. Steering lock problem

    Remedy to this problem was to replace battery ! Have had no problems since this. Drop in battery charge must trigger this fault. £60 battery was much cheaper than a new steering column.
  8. Steering lock problem

    Will try and go down the same route and claw back some money from wolfsburg. Worked on loads of motors in my years but never come across a steering lock problem in such a low mileage car, not to old a vehicle. Thanks again.
  9. Steering lock problem

    Make: Volkswagen Model: Passat 4 dr saloon Year: 2006 my Engine: 2.0 tdi 140 ps man Engine Code: Mileage: 21000 ! Afternoon all, Fault................Steering lock information on dashboard saying " steering column lock ! visit workshop " Remedy........... Visit VW dealer, give them £82 pounds to plug into system only to be told, it could be either?, the ignition switch £200 or the steering column, complete at £2500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had this car from new and no problems until now, wife drives it. I am a skilled vehicle mech, but a bit points and condensor when it comes to these new keyfob insert thinggies. Help would be appreciated folks.