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  1. Apple iPad Mini - 4th Gen iPad

    Theyll just reverse the process and make us think bigger is better
  2. Sensors (cam & crank)

    Trying to avoid taking a trip to a dealer, but am struggling to find them online (avoiding ebay for now). Anybody know of any reputable places that would stock them? Needed for a 2005 nissan xtrail - 2.5 petrol. Sites i seem to find arent exactly known for their services!
  3. SLRHut - Anyone used them?

    Please note: Our Kennington address is for corporate processing and does not handle purchasing or merchandise for pickups or returns. Pickups are not available at our warehouse facilities and must be shipped. For returns you must contact our customer service department for an RMA# and obtain instructions for the processing of your return. No returns will be accepted without a valid RMA# assigned to your return. Not sure if that would explain the small place?
  4. help help help

    This comes to mind for some reason....
  5. 2 months or so my virgin broadband has been playing up... Along with e majority of south wales! Some of their departments know about the problem, the majority just say everythings fine. Need to get the code to switch when i get a chance, theyre feckin terrible.
  6. South Wales Ride today

    Surprised you didnt head slightly further up the a470 to come back over penderyn way! Would have been a crackin end to that
  7. XP home reinstall without disk

    If the computer hadnt packed in last week id have sent you both out a disc Recently had to do a mate a favour so had both at hand
  8. Looks like it used to be 2 lanes, but definitely ends up as a single. No lane merging road markings so id have to go with it being single lane straight off the roundabout! As for him going too slow... 30 mph coming off the roundabout and into a 40 sliproad... If the jag driver had an ounce of patience, he'd have over taken him on the dual carriageway, but seems like an utter tw#t to me!
  9. Ducati Servicing in South Wales?

    Aberdare you say? Wear slippers. You'll most probably leave without any shoe laces otherwise
  10. Sonos

    "Mood Setting" (Music etc) was more of an addition for when pitching the idea.. Gotta justify it somehow I guess
  11. Sonos

    Crackin feature i found within spotify, is that if you sign up to a playlist (eg, a top 100 or something), itll appear in your spotify playlists on the controller, getting updated each time it changes Dont forget to add one to the bedroom... Alarm and mood setting, you cant go wrong
  12. I've finally joined the 4x4 brigade...rah rah rah!

    Crackin' find
  13. PS3 Update to 4.00 today

    Pretty sure its only if your connected to the net - you dont need to be signed in, as if you dont have the latest version, you cant sign in anyway. Its the same on the 360 - youll be forced to update if it detects an update is available for the game, but if your offline, it doesnt know! May be wrong (havent read into the updates at all), but arent they just for gui / security purposes etc? Shouldnt affect the game running i dont think
  14. BBC & SKY reveal F1 2012 coverage plans.

    Appologies for the last bit being in bold, thought I removed that! But fair enough, not something I'd have expected from Sky My bad
  15. BBC & SKY reveal F1 2012 coverage plans.

    ** HD channels received depend on your Sky TV subscription. Channel 4 HD, BBC HD, BBC One HD, ITV1 HD, Channel 5 HD and NHK World HD are available without subscription. Channel 4 HD and Channel 5 HD require a viewing card. ITV1 HD is only available in England and Wales. Assuming theyve worded it badly regarding the F1 channel?