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  1. Cooper S Mpg

    I do 17 miles on motorway twice a day and have been getting 41mpg as long as I don't race it. i.e do a steady 60/65 where possible. But I didn't buy it for its fuel economy!
  2. Cycle rack for new Cooper S

    I looked into this. When I saw it on a car I thought it looked pretty ugly not something I'd like to have on the car all the time. I don't know how easy it is to take on and off between excursions and also what is left on the car when you do take it off. I expect it will look OK but I need to study a car close up just to make sure. Also it's still pretty expensive. Especially if you add in labour at the dealer to fit it.
  3. Has anyone found a reasonably priced (compared with the dealer's £400+) rear mounted cycle (2 bike) rack that fits an R56 Cooper S? There are so many on the market maybe someone has already done the legwork for me and found one that fits without too much fuss!