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  1. X3 Bumpers

    Thanks for this!! Yeah I thought I had seen that on some of the M Sport bumpers that they looked flat on the bumper itself. It is quite funny when you go to spray the windscreen - i forget that they are there... and then all of a sudden you see all this spray go everywhere I never thought that it would be as good as it actually is! the 3.0d is a great engine! and i often wonder what it would be like chipped? but yeah i do like driving a mates mk5 gti... but then i love gettin back in the x3 as i find it soo easy to drive.
  2. X3 Bumpers

    Hiya, Newbie here Recently we had a little baby, so my E36 M3 had to be sold... and we had to buy a family car, which my wife decided we'd have an x3. So we bought a 55 plate black 3.0d sport auto, heated leather, 33k miles etc.... which we are very happy with, however when we were looking we wanted to get one with the aero / msport bumpers, but the one we ended up buying doesnt have them. Just wondering our x3 has headlamp washers / sprayers.... and from what I've seen on the aero / msport bumpers im not sure i've seen a space for these?? Does anyone know if this is right? Cheers Matt