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  1. Rotiform CCV DDT

    Some posts have said that topping up the steering fluid has helped with the problem
  2. Rotiform CCV DDT

  3. Rotiform CCV DDT

    Hi all, Just wanted your thoughts about the Rotiform CCV DDT (dark tint) on a 2009 Audi R8 in black.. I have thought about doing a light upgrade but at the moment it's too expensive for me to consider. I am thinking of new wheels for summer. In cast: 20/19x8.5 Front & 20/19x10 Rear... Has anyone had any problems with 20inch alloys? I already have a significant amount of rubbing when putting on full lock. Currently I have the original 19inch 5-spoke wheel. I have read about this problem and expect to have some amount of it but have awaiting delivery of steering fluid to see if that helps.. I have been told the alloys would need spacers but I have noticed that with spacers, the inner thread wears faster so fails MOT faster than they should. I want a good stance but not to compromise the tyres.
  4. Looking for 2008 Audi R8 UK

    Thanks for the advice. I am checking through log books for main dealer stamps only. Then saw one yesterday with transferable MOT protection upto £750 claim. I could extend warranty with audi aswell but could be upto £1500 so may buy for first year then review. Seems to be Michelin or Pirelli tyres only on them. Yes I have driven two now and having another test drive later. I like the manual gear actually, feels more challenging and enjoyable for the limited minutes I have driven them. I hear you have to lift foot off accelerator to change gears in S-tronic. I have not driven one. Mileage wise one is 29000 and one is 38000. Thanks for the advice.. Will update you after today's test drive as I think it's down to two cars. One car had 6 owners which i am worried may be difficult to shift in 2/3years time.
  5. Looking for 2008 Audi R8 UK

    Thanks for the advice. I spoke to a few audi dealerships and they don't tend to give 2008/2009 cars and would pass them to dealers.. But they would do an audi inspection for £145 or so.. In terms of extended warranty I could buy that as long as car has had all services from main dealer. V10 is a little bit too far at the moment in terms of money and I'm happy to wait until I can afford something more. This would be my first supercar. They don't have any in stock but will keep checking.
  6. Looking for 2008 Audi R8 UK

    Hi all, New member. I am looking for a Black Audi R8 4.2L 2008 onwards. Manual Approx 50k miles B&O sound system Black leather interior or carbon Carbon side blades Satnav Heated seats Bluetooth Mag ride (not essential) Tracker (not essential) i have been searching auto trader, Pistonheads, auto village and audi used approved. What sort of price would you pay? Is it better to spend a little more to get used approved? How many owners would you accept? Worth getting mag ride and paying more? Would appreciate any thoughts and views prior to buying an R8...
  7. New Rims... advice please!

    Thanks for your reply. I am from London, UK. i have found local dealers who can get the alloys delivered 1-2weeks. I understand and have seen plenty of A5/S5s with CV3 type/concave wheels and they look awesome! (however even UK advert for new A5 has those concave rims so im guessing a lot of cars will have it on the road). CV3 looks lot sleeker than VVS085/078s, however i want a meaner look. I am changing my suspension too, looking at KW coilovers probably V2 inox with adjustable damper setting for less stiff ride.
  8. duplicate thread
  9. New Rims... advice please!

    I have an Audi A5 Cabriolet Ice Silver Black soft top, I am looking for some new rims and have done quite a bit of research. It boils down to two alloys in black with stainless lip; Vossen VVS 078 Audi A5 | S5 on VVS078 Wheels Audi A5 | S5 on VVS078 Wheels Or newer Vossen VVS 085 Audi A5 | S5 on VVS085 Wheels First question, thoughts? My vision is 20x10.5 all round with staggered look at rear but I have been told that the ride and handling will become soft and cumbersome. So second question, can anyone who has done this tell me if you regretted it due affects on ride and handling? Any advice/criticism would be appreciated, Thanks