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  1. Coolant issue

    Possible air lock?? Dosen't explain the source of your problem i.e. where it is leaking from, but if it was particulary low when you topped it up, i suppose its possible theres an air lock in the system somewhere hence the heater only blowing cold. Paul
  2. MkV Gti interlagos bolster wear..Advice req!

    Hi Justin, When I bought my car it was exactly as you describe only the material on my seat was starting to show quite bad wear as well as the foam being almost collapsed underneath, that was when the car was just over a year old with 22k on the clock. I can only assume the previous owner was, how can i describe it - quite heavy and most likely threw himself in and out of the car. At the time the car was under warranty and when i asked about it, there was no problem replacing the foam under warranty, however when they did the job they replaced the cloth cover as well, they were concerned the old one would rip when re-stretched over the new foam. All i can tell you is nearly 2 yrs later and about 10K there is not the slightest bit of wear on the seat, so if you’re like me and reasonably careful getting in and out chances are it wont get any worse. I was surprised to discover that the cover is relatively easily removed and the foam is made up of replaceable inserts. In terms of price all I can tell you is I was initially quoted 150 quid for the replacement cloth which thankfully at the time I declined only to get in included free of charge, making a nice change. All i'd say is try and forget about it and enjoy the car, at the start i was paranoid getting in and out almost to the point of not making contact with the bolsters and probably looking like something demented….. Now I don’t even think about it and as I said so far absolutely no signs of wear. Cheers paul
  3. coil pack recall???

    Yup i get the same message - found this, again posted by US drivers Some of you may or may not know that VW is recalling some of it's vehicles with ignition coil problems. This particular recall is quite big....well, it's HUGE. In general 2001-2007 VW's are listed with possibly faulty ignition coils that can cause a misfire in one or more cylinders. VW has a SPECIFIC breakdown by VIN on which vehicles are affected. I will post up the most current information and list the vehicles that frequent this forum the most: GTI and Rabbit. Do NOT contact your dealer if your vehicle is included in this vin breakdown!! Do NOT contact your dealer or vw if your vehicle is NOT included in this vin breakdown! If you are having an engine fault, please see your dealer so they can diagnose and correct your issue, however. Volkswagen is sending out letters for the next few months to certain groups of cars and engine types. PARTS ARE LIMITED!!! so vw will be sending out recall letters for some 01-02 passats with the 1.8T engines. This is about 90,000 cars starting today. In the coming months you MIGHT get a letter. Model 5th VIN digit Last 6 vin numbers of affected cars (if yours is within this range, its affected) 06 Rabbit R 083138-203626 06 Rabbit S 111903-203573 06 GTI V 017326-203635 07 Rabbit R 000430-213492 07 Rabbit S 002473-213409 07 GTI V 000001-213170 IF your car fits the criteria above, then check the coil part number. If you have a 2.0FSI engine and your coil part number is: 06F 905 115 F 07K 905 715 D/E 06H 905 115 06D 905 115 K 06E 905 115 D/E 06H 905 115 Then your car is OK and does not need anything. If it does NOT have one of those coils, then you need the newer coil. If you have the 2.5 engine and your coil part number is: 06F 905 115 F 07K 905 715 D/E 06H 905 115 06D 905 115 K 06E 905 115 D/E 07K 905 715 F Then your car is OK and does not need anything. If it does NOT have one of those coils, then you need the newer coil. My Rabbit last of the vin is 258896 and 5th vin is S. So mine is a late build 07 and has the update ignition coil already and is NOT affected. INFORMATION ONLY. If your car is recalled, you WILL get a letter in the next few months. VW won't help you if you start yapping you found information online. Cheers Paul
  4. coil pack recall???

    Noticed all over a few other forums about 06/07 GTIs being recalled to have the coil packs replaced. Anyone know if it is applicable to us here in the UK? Most of the threads seems to be written by people either in the states or Canada. Google 'Mk5 coil pack recall' and you’ll find any amount of them. I just had my 07 in for its annual service this morning and nothing was mentioned, only just came across this or i would have asked. Cheers Paul
  5. Monza 2 refurb

    Not only are the wheels in perfect condition - how clean are those calipers!!!!!!
  6. Extended warranty options

    Cheers for the replies guys, Yeah the small print is what im keen to see in the VW option, to be honest i really dont feel the one (lumley auto) offered by my dealer is worth it to me anyway. They only cover mechanical failures and don't cover oil or fluid leaks, i enquired about say for example a seal in the turbo (which is what happened on a previous A3 and cost me £1800) and the answer was 'its a grey area as it hasn't failed working' which is an argument i really wouldn't want to get into where the small print gives them a get out - like most insurances. It even lists electrical circuits in the exclusions, so there goes the ECU and practically anything electrical. In fact after i read the exclusions my main question was well what is covered. As you all say, it really is a gamble and no matter what i decide to do it most likely will be the wrong choice. Im tending towards taking cover of some sort as i do mainly short runs where most of the time, the oil is just about reaching temp when i arrive - increased wear on the turbo etc. Cheers Paul
  7. Extended warranty options

    Hi Guys, My car is fast approaching the 3 yr old mark and im now faced with the dilemma of whether to extend the warranty or take my chances. As we all know its all about risk and it is what it is - an insurance policy, I was really wondering if anyone has taken out or had any experience of how good the extended warranties are. My options are a franchise policy cover through warranty direct for £360, one provided by my local dealer which is through Lumley auto for £400 or yesterday I contacted VW who are offering one capped at 15K miles for £440. My immediate preference is for the VW one, although im waiting to receive an info pack on the details of it, all they said was it provides the same level of cover as I currently have – although doubt it covers everything. To date I’ve had little trouble from the car and with only 29K miles I hope that continues but sort of look at it as being a years cover for approx 5 hrs labour should anything go wrong. Cheers Paul
  8. Anyone else got OSD cleaning salt off wheels

    opps sorry - just realised what i typed......of course i was refering to Obsessive Salt Disorder..........but thanks for pointing that out Cealy
  9. help buying used gti

    Hi mate and welcome. Had a quick look and going from what i can see on the pictures, it has a nice specification with Xenon headlights, leather, DSG and the highline computer (or D.I.S as its called which is the drivers display), all the nice haves in the UK market. All i can advise you is that 33K miles is absoulty fine, theres many of us with far more and had no problems. My own is an 07 with 29K and i have had no major issues at all, only minor things which are mainly down to me being over fussy. Check the service history, over here GTIs are either on "time and distance" which is basically when the car tells you it needs to be serviced or at 2 yrs whichever is sooner. Or if you dont do big miles others are on the "Time" based service which is basically every year or 10-12k miles. Golfs are pretty reliable and tough cars, just check for the usual things i.e accident damage etc. The GTIs are great cars, this is my first and i can't imagine ill not be buying more of them in the future, good luck and let us know how you get on cheers Paul
  10. Cold weather starting problems

    Might be worth checking first, i thought the maintenance free batteries had a gel electrolyte and not the distilled (or tap we all used) water in the older type and non-maintenance free types. Maybe you can just top up with water but it might be worth checking first - im personally not sure but would tend to think avoid. Cheers Paul
  11. Im sure thats what my neighbours think i have - OSD. Given the state of the roads at the minute and heaps of salt is anyone else like me and trying everything possible to try and keep the white worm at bay on Monza 2s. I did ask myself am i wise - and the answer to that is no probably not. Especially over the weekend where the water i was using to wash the wheels was almost instantly freezing on the ground. Anyway, if anyone else is a bit like me with the wheels, i personally have tried many different waxs and just recently have switched to collinite 915, by far the best i have used so far. After about 3 coats the grime just runs off. Cheers paul
  12. How Long To Scrub In Eagle F1 Assymetrics?

    similar with myself - took at least 1000-1500 miles to get the grip. im down to about just under a half to third tread left and they have gotten slippery again. Ive used them for years and that seems to be the norm, bad at start and end but fantastic when good.
  13. More noise required!

    How about folding your rear seats!!:-) Dont mean to sound flippant, but anytime i have to carry anything in the car, it takes me a few days to put the rear seats back up again........ sounds brilliant with them down
  14. White sludge around oil filler cap

    Hi Mate, just came across your message while searching on the forum for the same thing you have mentioned. I posted a post just like yours on the GTI section. Just wondering how you have gotten on, did you get it checked out and or has it gotten any worse? My cars warrenty runs out in a few months so if there is any problems associated with the sludge you mention ill be giving them a call. i too am doing very short runs to and from work and to be honest i do think thats the cause. After a good blast it is pretty much cleared, although one short trip and its all back again. Cheers paul
  15. yellow / brown sludge under oil filler

    Cheers Snoopy and others, Besides taking the car for a decent run when i get the chance (good excuse for a blast) is there anything i should do i.e. oil change or any breathers needing cleaned out? I checked again last night, after being pretty clear from a run on sat, 2 days worth of short trips has brough it back to as it was before. Last night, i checked it as soon as i parked up and it was wild, whitish colour oil around the inside of the filler neck. Left it a few hours and this had disappeared apart from the bottom of the filler cap. THe cars still under warrenty (exp Feb) so ill probably get it booked in and checked just in case.. Cheers Paul