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  1. Considering an Evo - advise would be nice!

    Had my evo 8 3 years and fairly well modded, love the looks the power everything about it , i will keep modding and no plans of sellin it, yes cost a lot to run, but in my eyes worth every penny ! If you are worried about running costs, then you just may have to settle for a slower car, all cars with this sort of performance are expensive to run !
  2. Costs in a Mitsubishi EVO VIII

    Hey i have a 260 n im certainly no lady !!! It has to be serviced every 4.5k, but mines more often as its runnin 380bhp and soon to be 400. mr glass full leather recaros 18s black mr glass carbon thunder spoiler coilovers ect ect so you c the 260 is a very good base car especially as it has the better 5 speed box ! and on the higher models for more power you will have to junk most of the mods on there you just paid the extra for !