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  1. Evo 7 vs Evo 7 GS-R

    Thank you, i'll ask there.
  2. Evo 7 vs Evo 7 GS-R

    Ok my brother has a Evo 7 and I just brought an Evo 7 3 weeks ago, but our car are quiet different. My interior is built differently and neither of our cars are tweaked. Myn is Stock. I also have 'the spirit of compitition' sig on my car. Iv been doing a lot of googling trying to find out why, and all i can notice is that Evo 7 GSR interior is how myn looks, the signiture i have no idea about. Is myn a different Model from my brothers? Or is this the difference between japanese Import and New Zealand new? What are the extra features with a GSR? Are all Evo7's GSR's exept for Evo 7 RS, MR, Extreme S etc...?